Jersey Shore Cast Offered Lifetime Supply of New Hangover Cure
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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Cast Offered Lifetime Supply of New Hangover Cure

How many times have we seen one of the Jersey Shore castmates looking a little worse for wear after a boozy night out? Too many to count. Which might be why the makers of a new hangover remedy is offering a lifetime supply to each of the amazing eight.

Rise-N-Shine announced today (July 10) that their all-natural Hangover Helper would be “ideal for Jersey Shore guidos and guidettes or anyone in need of hangover relief.” Made from a blend of B vitamins and Guarana Seed extract, the company claims that it “alleviates symptoms of consuming alcoholic beverages by the next morning.”

That is, if you’re sober enough to remember to take the tablets before drifting off to sleep.

One castmate who won’t be needing the product anytime soon is 7-months-pregnant Snooki, who has successfully made it through her pregnancy without having a drop to drink. But who’s to say she won’t have a night out or two after her son is born?

Then there’s The Situation, who has sworn off alcohol and drugs since completing a rehab program back in March.

JWOWW, for her part, offers a detailed guide on how to cover up any signs of a bad hangover using tried-and-true makeup and skin tricks. The busty brunette suggests tinted moisturizer, de-puffing creams, and brightening concealer under the eyes.

With all these hangover cures, sober roommates, and makeup tricks, we don’t expect to hear any more complaints from the roommates about their mornings-after again!

Want more Jersey Shore? Catch the next episode of Snooki & JWOWW on on Thursday, July 12 on MTV.

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