Kalon McMahon: Bachelor Pad 3 Is Less Manufactured Than The Bachelorette
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The Bachelorette

Kalon McMahon: Bachelor Pad 3 Is Less Manufactured Than The Bachelorette

Kalon McMahon isn't sorry. Scratch that, he's sorry he's not sorry for his "baggage" comment on The Bachelorette Season 8 and Emily Maynard's subsequent fury. Kalon is part of the new Bachelor Pad Season 3 cast and he talked about his experience to Houston's CultureMap.

"People in the Bachelor Pad house had a specific idea of who I was after seeing The Bachelorette, but after living with them for a day or so they started apologizing and saying things like 'We feel terrible that we felt that way.' In the end, we all got along well and I made some great friends," Kalon says. "You couldn't have planned it better."

Tony Pieper, one of the single dads on Emily's season, is also on BP3, and he tweeted a photo of himself, Kalon and their Bachelorette/BP3 buddy Chris Bukowski: "My boys for life!" So no hard feelings against Kalon, it seems.

However, one person who won't be watching Kalon on BP3 is Emily, who tweeted after the cast was announced: "The fact Kalon will ever be on any TV again makes me want to stab my eyeballs out with dull pencils." Emily also wrote in her People.com blog that Kalon still hadn't apologized to her. Kalon responded recently by tweeting this note, and a photo of a giant number two pencil costume: "Sorry I'm not sorry. However, I have never been this excited for Halloween! Dull enough for you?"

Kalon tells the Houston site BP3 "was like night and day compared to being on The Bachelorette. There's no central character or plot line to the Bachelor Pad, so it's not as manufactured."

And based on some BP3 hookup spoilers we've read, Kalon does pretty darn well in the love department. Avoiding spoilers but want a love hint? Check out what he tweeted on July 7, with a photo at a golf club: "where is my fav cart girl? ‪#teetime‬ ‪#birdhunting‬." Who do we know in Bachelor Nation with a history as a cart girl...?

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