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The Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 9: Kanye West Makes His Grand Entrance

Tonight’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was all about being in the Big Apple. The family heads to New York City to support Scott Disick’s restaurant opening, and things of course get a little out of hand. Let’s start from the top!

The episode begins with Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner attending an event for Dress for Success. It’s a company she’s partnered with to help low-income women dress well for job interviews, giving them the confidence to nab the jobs they seek. As she’s working the press line, an anti-fur protester decides to take away her confidence and douses her with flour. Everyone’s shocked, but Kim handles it like a pro. With the help of a hair dryer and her team of stylists, she’s back on the red carpet lickety-split. Even the reporters thinks she’s a trooper, but simply she doesn’t want to waste anyone’s time or let the protester ruin the evening. “I told my make-up artist I needed a little more powder, I didn’t think they’d bring that much,” she joked. Well played.

Back at the house, Kourtney and Kim are playing with Mason when the subject of Khloe not wanting to go to New York comes up. Kim admits she’s been trying to play the sentimental angle on Twitter by posting all kinds of baby photos of herself with Khloe. “I just like want my sister back,” she pouts. Khloe’s not answering her calls, so they leave her a sassy voicemail.

Over in New York City, Rob and Scott are hanging while Scott’s restaurant gets finished. He wants everything to be perfect, but when he arrives there is much left to be done. “I really just wanna make Kourtney really proud of me,” he explains. “She’s had a lot of doubts already. The last thing I want to do is have her see the place without it being completely done and ready to go.”

Rob calls Kourtney and Kim back home to check in. He mentions Kanye West’s new song and how it has a lyric about how he fell in love with Kim at the same time she fell in love with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kris Humphries. Kim insists that they’re still just friends and have been for years. Kourtney thinks Rob should just butt out.

Meanwhile, Khloe’s in the car when she gets the voicemail Kim and Kourtney have left her. She laughs when they end it “Kardashians for life!” and admits, “My sisters are pretty cute at the same time.” Her friend Kadhija thinks she should at least bring up the idea of going to New York to Lamar.

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Rob gets a call from Kris with bad news. Because he missed the fabric purchasing season deadline, the launch of his sock line has to be moved back to spring 2013. He’s totally bummed because he’s worked so hard with little to show for now. It’s especially frustrating for him to see his project fall short when Scott is is about to make something happen with his restaurant.

Later, when Khloe approaches Lamar about going to NYC for Scott’s restaurant opening, he’s totally on board with the idea. “I think we should go support Scott and hang out with everybody,” he says before belting out some ad-libbed show tunes. Gotta love the guy. He also points out to Khloe that her sisters probably miss spending time with her.

Kourtney and Kim decide to go out for a bit, and when they walk outside, Kourtney finds that Kim’s got an all-new ride. Well, sort of. She casually mentions that the car belongs to Kanye. Kim acts like it’s not a big deal, and Kourtney does her darndest to keep her mouth shut about it. But she does manage to find out whether Kim intends to hang out with her so-called “friend” in New York. The answer, of course, is absolutely.

When Khloe shows up to tell her Kim and Kourtney that she’s coming to New York (and to make sure there are no hard feelings), they’re nowhere to be found. She ends up killing time by toying with Kourtney’s food processor before the girls return. When they do come back, Khloe tells Kim that she noticed the nostalgic pictures effort she’s made. “You really know how to work your social media, dude,” she teases. Before Khloe can even get her sentence out, Kim jumps in about why she’s been so incensed. Khloe missed Christmas; Khloe abandoned them; Khloe wasn’t there for them, etc. Khloe interrupts her and points out that none of it was fun for her either. “Don’t start with me again,” she says. Khloe then fills Kim in on her decision to join the girls in New York, giving Lamar all the credit.

Kourtney feels badly for stressing Khloe out about going, but she’s definitely psyched to have them on board. She video-chats with Scott about the news, and he doesn’t seem as thrilled about it as she expected. He mentions how stressful it is to have more people come to the opening when there is still so much work to be done. Kourtney’s nervous now too because “Scott always has an excuse for everything,” she says.

When everyone gets to New York, they meet up for lunch. Kim leaves, presumably to meet up with Kanye. When Rob shows up, Kourtney wants to know where Scott is. Apparently he’s next door but doesn’t have time to stop by and say hello. Even Khloe’s annoyed with his lack of common courtesy.

Later, Rob brings up the subject of Kim’s relationship with Kanye again. She’d like to keep it private, but she does admit, “You know we’ve been friends for like a hundred years … and I feel like we’re taking things really slow … but we’ve always had this like mutual love and respect for each other.” Khloe is happy that Kim’s taking it things in stride with Kanye, and she knows that there’s been chemistry and unmentioned feelings between the two of them for some time now.

That night, Rob takes Scott out for a drink. He’s got a lot to do before the restaurant opening, but that doesn’t mean he can’t unwind a little bit. When they get their first drink, Scott starts reminiscing about some girl throwing panties at Rob the last time the two got crazy together. That’s when Scott decides to throw caution to the wind. He’s very descriptive about the fact that Rob’s created a monster and they make a night of it.

The next day, we find out that Rob stayed out to 8:00 a.m. but that Scott might’ve outdone him. Kourtney, of course, is miffed and asks Rob a ton of detailed questions. She’s annoyed by Scott’s behavior, especially the fact that he hasn’t spent any time with the family. Kim asks whether she wants to break up with Scott, and she says “I always do. I don’t know if it’s hormonal or if I just hate him.” That’s when Kris Jenner pipes in and tells Kourtney she’d tell Scott to hit the road she were in her shoes. When Kourtney leaves, Khloe chastises Kris for her comments. “Sometimes you make things worse than what they are. Kourtney needs to deal with things as she needs to deal with them. Leave her alone!”

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When Scott finally meets up with Kourtney and Mason, Kourtney’s expecting an apology and an explanation. He’s visibly hung over though and not much help at all. Kris even tries to step in and instruct him to hold the baby for his pregnant girlfriend, but they’re both too stubborn to work together and go their separate ways. Even Khloe calls Scott “a piece of work” for being so distant and going out drinking rather than spending time with the family.

After that situation cools off, people start to notice that Kim’s wearing a “KW” earring. She explains that she bought them herself. Rob points out, “So it’s either Kim West or Kanye West. Which one’s in your ear?” Khloe points out that the earrings are not taking it very slow at all. Once the attention is off of Kim, and Kourtney’s left the room, Khloe and Kim start talking about Kourtney. They’re starting to think Scott’s restaurant opening won’t actually happen, and even Rob thinks Scott’s been rude.

Meanwhile, over in Kourtney and Scott’s room, he starts razzing her about how she doesn’t pack him some snack foods the way Khloe does for Lamar. He points out what a different kind of partner Khloe is than Kourtney. Kourtney says that she used to do those kinds of things for Scott too, but that he ruined those privileges a long time ago. She also digs in to him about going drinking late into the night when he has all so much work to do on the restaurant. Later, Kris pulls Rob aside to tell him to suck it up about the business setback and that she can’t be his babysitter. If he wants to be successful, she says, “get your sh*t together and start working really hard on [the socks].”

In another conversation, Kim starts assigning all the siblings superlatives. Kylie’s the hottest, Kendall’s the prettiest “model-wise,” Kourtney’s the smartest, Khloe’s the funniest, and Kim’s the sweetest, they decide. Not terribly off the mark, to be fair. Then the conversation turns a little serious. Rob’s annoyed with the way Scott behaved toward Kourtney and thinks that if he doesn’t get his act cleaned up, things aren’t going to last much longer between Kourtney and Scott. No one has much to say in response to that, and Rob leave them all in silence.

Later, Khloe and Kim meet up with Kris for dinner, and Kris gives a little pep talk to the girls. “Here’s to you ladies,” she toasts. “Love and happiness and no more drama.” That, of course, is her way of segueing into a conversation about Kim and Kanye and whether things went well between them when they met up. Evidently, Kanye’s decided to come to Scott’s restaurant opening. Kim didn’t want him to feel pressured to join, but he was down for it. Kris is obviously pleased and praises Kim repeatedly for seeming very happy. “I think Kim is trying to take things slow, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and Kim knows what she wants,” she says. Khloe finally asks, “Is he like you boyfriend?” Kim gives a non-answer, saying, “I don’t know if I do titles.”

Khloe and Lamar decide to help out Kourtney by babysitting Mason. Lam Lam gets cute with his little nephew and promises him a cousin to play with. Elsewhere, Rob and Kim have a heart to heart about his sock line. He’s giving himself a hard time for not pulling off his business venture, but Kim tells him he can still be happy for Scott’s accomplishment in the meantime. “You fight like brothers,” she points out. He also admits to egging Scott on during their debaucherous night out together. Kim thinks an apology may be in order, and Rob agrees.

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Finally, it’s the night of the restaurant opening! Kim and Kourtney are in their hotel room getting ready when Kanye shows up at the door. He helps advise Kim on some accessory choices, and away they go. On his way to the restaurant, Scott gets a flattering catcall from a guy on the street. He’s focused on getting there early to make sure everything goes off without hitch.

Thankfully, the opening goes smoothly. The family’s very impressed with the place. Even Kanye takes a seat at the Kardashian table and seems to fit right in with the boys. Scott’s delighted that things have gone well, especially since Kourtney is proud of his work in putting the place together.

An awkward moment does come up when Rob asks about Kanye’s necklace. Kanye tucks it away and says that it came from a friend in Japan. Kim chimes in and and says that she’s never been there. He offers to take her some time. Yep. Totally a relationship.

Rob turns his attention to Scott and apologizes to him. He confesses that his frustrations about his sock line fueled his negative comments. Scott tells him that he considers him a brother and that he appreciates the support. “And when your socks come not only am I gonna put them on my feet I’m going to wear them on my d*ck and walk down Fifth Avenue, you feel me?” he adds. Brotherly love, indeed.

Speaking of love, after the opening, Kourtney gives Scott a present. She’s had it for a while, and it’s a promise ring. No, they’re engaged, but yes she cares. Kris rolls her eyes repeatedly as they chat because she thinks Kourtney’s acting dense about Scott. “He misbehaves, she ignores it, then she rewards him for his bad behavior,” she says.

But one guy she was particularly pleased with was Kanye. She tells Kim the next day that she thinks he was a good sport about everything. Kris is happy Kim’s so happy. However, she’s not pleased about how miserable Kourtney is and notes that she and Scott are way too young to be sleeping in separate rooms already. Kim jokes that that’s an eternity to her. Kris notes that it’s certainly longer than seventy-two days! At least they can both get a kick out of her failed marriage at this point.

Next week, brace yourselves as the Kardashians make a trek across the pond to London!

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