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Real Housewives of New York

RHONY Quotes From Season 5, Episode 6: “How Do You Trust a Ping Pong Table?”

Oh boy! This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York (Season 5, Episode 6: "I'm UK, You're UK") was full of some great one-liners, mostly revolving around Sonja’s thoughts about Carole’s bra-wearing (or rather, lack of bra-wearing) habits. Below are some of the best quotes from the episode.

"A fascinator is something you wear on your head. A fastener is something you wear on your bra. But then Carole never wears a bra so maybe she got confused." Sonja, on Carole.
How fascinating!

"The way Ramona is talking about my leg, you'd think I was talking to a 6-year-old." Aviva, on Ramona.
So Ramona is actually a 6-year-old? That explains so much...

"What do you mean? You wear a bathing suit to the beach?" Ramona, to Aviva, about beachwear.
Personally, we always go to the beach in a full-length gown and fur.

"Listen, when I take off my bra they hit the ground and are bouncing for three and half days." Sonja, to Carole, about her breasts.
Annnd now we can’t get that mental image out of our head. Thanks Sonja!

"I heard you have a princess on the show, well I have to tell you something honey, I'm the Queen." Belgium(?) Yummie Tummie seller to the RHONY ladies.
And now every RHONY fan is seeing red over not thinking about that line first.

"When you're right you're right. And when you're wrong you're right." Mario to Ramona.
This man really gets Ramona. Now he just needs to explain this to Heather.

"First comes love, then skip the marriage, then comes the baby carriage? Seems so." Sonja, about Luann.
No, first comes love, then comes a title, then comes two babies, then comes divorce, then comes love, skip the marriage, then comes the baby carriage.

"I always envision myself on the subway shaking a can, asking for money," Sonja, about money troubles.
Funny, that’s how we envision former Real Housewives of New Jersey Housewife Danielle Staub.

"How do you trust a ping pong table," Sonja to Luann after hearing that she had sex on a ping pong table.
When Sonja thinks your sexcapades sound risky you know you’re in trouble.

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