Teen Wolf Recap for Season 2, Episode 7, “Restraint”: Snakes on the Brain
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The Vampire Diaries

Teen Wolf Recap for Season 2, Episode 7, “Restraint”: Snakes on the Brain

Everything was suddenly made clear and all mysteries were solved in Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode 7, “Restraint.” Wait, that’s not true at all. Between seeing dead people, the scariest library scene since IT, and a menacing act with a pencil sharpener, there were many moments that had us scratching our heads and picking our jaws up off the floor.

The episode opens with a desolate scene of a camper in the woods. This bodes badly. Inside the trailer, a couple argues over their digs. The missus isn’t happy with their living arrangements. The power goes out, which makes the woman even more upset. She says she’s tired of feeling slightly terrified all the time. Good thing you live in Beacon Hills, lady. The man says, “It’s going to get better.” That’s like saying “I’ll be right back” in a horror movie. Sean heads out to fix the generator. As she watches him through the window, Sean talks to a hooded stranger. Then a tail winds away around him and lifts him into the tree. The hoodied man looks at her.

In attempt to keep the kanima (and the hoodie-wearing man) out, the woman locks the doors. Suddenly Sean gets thrown through the window. Then the creature pulls him back through the window. The kanima’s claws appear through the window. Then the rest of the lizard comes inside the trailer. All we have to say is, thank goodness we’re not watching this alone. The kanima gets up in her face and breathes on her. That’s when the kanima notices the baby bump. Exit kanima.

Stiles and Scott are on speakerphone with Allison. They’re spitballing about Jackson and why he doesn’t know who’s controlling him. Evidently, Jackson still thinks he’s becoming a werewolf. They need to talk to him. He’ll talk to us, says Stiles.

It was a good plan, but unfortunately, Jackson has other plans. The sheriff reads off a restraining order against Stiles and Scott. Stiles wants to know the logistics of staying 50 feet distance away from Jackson at school and bathroom etiquette when someone has a restraining order against you. The boys try to explain away why they kidnapped Jackson: It was a joke.

After they’re released by the Sheriff, Ms. McCall suddenly realizes her son is having issues. Between his late nights and a missed chemistry test, Scott just hasn’t been himself lately. Way to be observant, Ms. M. Instead of grounding Scott, she takes away his Stiles privileges. How dare she!

“What is going on with you? Is this about Allison?” Scott’s mom asks him. Stiles stops Scott from telling her about his werewolfism. Instead, he lets her think it’s about his father. Once she leaves, Scott and Stiles have a “who’s the worst son” contest.

Jackson sits alone. And smiles, evilly.

Derek needs his minions to befriend Scott or Stiles. It turns out, killing the kanima is harder than he thought. Isaac is too busy pouting about wanting to change into a werewolf at will to care about the kanima caper. Derek, on the other hand, is sort of obsessed. There was something about the way Gerard looked at it, Derek says. He wasn’t afraid of it.

In order to communicate in person, Allison needs to talk to Scott and Stiles from opposite sides of the library shelf. She passes her tablet to him with the passage of archaic Latin that Lydia translated. In order to keep her friend in the dark, Allison told Lydia they were part of an online gaming community that battles mythical creatures. “I am part of an online gaming community that battles mythical creatures,” says Stiles. Of course.

The book calls the kanima a weapon of vengeance, but it’s actually a werewolf with unresolved issues. Playing psychologist, the trio wonders if Jackson’s still hung up on something to do with his parents. Because of the boys’ restraining order, Allison nominates herself to talk to Jackson. This upsets Scott, but she reminds him he has a chemistry test to take.

In a classroom that doubles as a reptile house, Jackson looks at terrariums holding a spider and a snake. He pulls the snake out and lets it slither around him. He seems to find it... sensual? Then the snake slides into his mouth, which isn’t a euphemism. A teacher enters the room before Jackson can eat anymore reptiles.

Teen Wolf Recap for Season 2, Episode 7, “Restraint”: Snakes on the Brain
Credit: MTV    

In Shermer High School the library, the detentionees are spread out at various tables. Matt looks at his own tablet with his own copy of the archaic Latin text. Then he says “kanima” out loud.

Ms. McCall is a concerned parent and assumes Mrs. Argent is too. That’s why she goes to talk her, mother to mother. Scott and Allison are having sex, she explains, but Allison’s mom isn’t so sure. Maybe it’s some other impressionable young girl with severely low standards, she suggests. Regardless of the diss, Ms. McCall says Allison’s the only girl Scott talks about, and she just wants them to continue to be safe. It’s not her fault, but if that’s the case, Ms. McCall really shouldn’t have confided in an Argent.

Speculations abound in detention. Stiles is working on a theory that Matt is the kanima’s keeper. His proof? Matt’s evil. Scott points out that Stiles simply doesn’t like Matt. Meanwhile, Jackson gets a wicked migraine. Mr. Harris seems concerned and follows him.

The minute the warden is gone, Stiles and Scott slide over to Jackson’s table. She’s suddenly very chatty and tells them Jackson’s parents died in a car accident. Because her father was the insurance agent who handled the case and she has access to his inbox (what a trusting daddy she has), Erica offers to look for the paperwork. Also, Jackson will come into a huge sum of money when he turns 18, which Stiles finds unfair. A voice over the intercom beckons Scott to the office.

In the bathroom, Jackson’s brain hurts. No wonder. There’s a snake in there. It exits through his eye socket in a bloody mess. We are ruined forever. Then Jackson looks at himself in the mirror, and his face is perfect, as usual. Didn’t Lydia have hallucinations like this?

Lydia looks for something on her vanity, then goes outside to the trellis. Whatever she’s looking for, she can’t seem to find it. Lydia heads to the gate.

Post-herpetological adventure, Jackson looks okay, if kind of sweaty. He’s back in the library, and Erica and Stiles are talking about the death of his parents only a few feet away. Subtle. The accident happened on June 14, 1995. Without even checking Facebook, Stiles knows Jackson’s birthday is exactly one day later. Mr Harris tells the gang he’s leaving, but they have to reshelve all the books.

When Scott gets to the principal’s office, Mrs. Argent tells him that she’s actually the one who wanted to see him. She’s concerned about his detention and how Allison ended up there. Luckily, Mrs. Argent was able to cover up the broken sink without arousing suspicion. Before Scott can thank her for that, she asks, “Are you having sex with my daughter?” Never has someone grinding a pencil down to the nub with an electric sharpener been so sinister. Scott denies that he and Allison are doing the deed. “I certainly hope not,” Mrs. Argent replies.

Mr. Harris gets in car, which wouldn’t be important, except that his vehicle sports a bumper sticker reading, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” The kanima shared a moment with someone in a car with the same Einstein quote bumper sticker in Season 2, Episode 5, “Venomous.” Does this mean Mr. Harris is the master of the kanima’s domain?

How does one have a baby after they’re already dead? Stiles and Erica realize Jackson’s mother must have had a c-section post-mortem. Meanwhile, Matt seems to be the only one concerned with how Jackson is doing in the present. The snake breakfast doesn’t seem to be agreeing with the jock.

The lacrosse stud is continuing to have hallucinations. The books he’s shelving are telling him to do things — but fairly benign things such as “Close your eyes,” as opposed to say, “Burn the house down! Burn them all!”

Teen Wolf Recap for Season 2, Episode 7, “Restraint”: Snakes on the Brain
Credit: 2011 MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

While Scott is preoccupied with his chemistry test, Ms. McCall does a thorough job cleaning his room. Then she makes a mess all over again when she starts snooping through his things. Scott’s mama finds a 12-pack of condoms, but only one prophylactic. Try explaining that one away, Scotty boy.

As Jackson walks the halls, Allison silently follows a pace behind. She’s going to get a restraining order soon. Photographer Matt pops out (probably because he really is stalking her) and asks her out on a rave date. Allison says yes, and only seems to realize what happened after he walks away.

In another hallway, Stiles pesters Lydia for information on Jackson’s parents. She wants to know why he’s so curious and won’t tell him until he spills. Stiles refuses, and Erica overhears the whole conversation.

In the men’s locker room, Allison walks in on Jackson wet and naked. He just got done showering. While she tries to duck back out, he blocks her way (still naked and wet) and insists they talk. Now.

Erica has Stiles in a similar pose. She wants to know why he’s asking about Jackson’s parents. Though he doesn’t tell her, she does give him some info: Jackson’s parents are dead and buried in the cemetery. Suddenly, it dawns on Erica why Stiles is so interested: Jackson must be the kanima.

Jackson still has Allison cornered, and he’s insisting she stay put. Though all he hears is the loudly ticking clock, Scott somehow senses she’s in danger. He scribbles in the rest of his test and heads off to find her.

In the locker room, Jackson has reached beyond his normal Jackson-levels of jerkiness. If Allison still believes her Romeo and Juliet story with Scott is going to work out, Jackson tells her, then she’s the “stupidest bitch in this town.” She needs to realize Scott will abandon her to join Derek. Or it could be worse. Scott might kill her — whether he’s in love with her or not. Real talk. Oh, he’s still naked, by the way.

After Allison attempts to out-maneuver Jackson, he momentarily comes to. “What are you doing here?” he asks her, sounding dazed. As he struggles into a pair of shorts, Scott appears. “I have a restraining order,” growls Jackson. Scott is going after the part-time lizard, even though Allison tries to assure him she’s fine. The two fight. In case there’s any doubt, Jackson is crazy strong now and can throw 100-pound weights around like they’re frisbees. This is Beacon Hills High School, so no one hears the ruckus caused by sinks breaking and tiles smashing.

Outside the bathroom, Stiles and Erica argue about whether or not she can tell Derek about Jackson. Then almost out of nowhere, Erica confesses that she used to have a crush on Stiles. Join the club, sister. “You never once even noticed me,” she accuses him. He isn’t even paying attention now. Instead, he sees the water seeping out from under the door. Jackson and Scott tumble out, and Erica and Stiles break up the fight.

While Mr. Harris tsk-tsks everyone involved in the brouhaha, photog Matt picks up the tablet and sends himself the document about the kanima. That’s wifi technology in action!

Mr. Harris says everyone in the immediate vicinity is in detention. Considering only two people were involved in the fight, that just doesn’t seem fair. But it’s one way to get everyone in a Breakfast Club situation, we guess.

Lydia chats up her mystery man. He wants to show her something.

Teen Wolf Recap for Season 2, Episode 7, “Restraint”: Snakes on the Brain
Credit: 2012 MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

Hallucinations are never good, and the madness begins. Sparks begin raining down from the ceiling, and Matt lies paralyzed from the kanima’s scratch. Erica is hurt, too, and Jackson is partial lizard. Because the possessed love writing on chalkboards, Jackson takes up a piece of chalk to write, “Stay out of my way, or I’ll kill you.” Seems simple enough. Meanwhile, Erica is having a seizure, which was supposed to be a condition cured by her werewolfism.

Erica wants to go to Derek. Allison tells Scott to take the werewolf, but he doesn’t feel right leaving his GF. She tells him to go again, swearing that it doesn’t mean he’s abandoning her. With a kiss on the forehead, Scott does as she says. A camera watches them go. Where is the principal/head hunter when you need him?

Lydia walks through the empty house. Her mystery boy appears and says this used to be his home. As penance for losing his flower, the stranger tells Lydia she has to kiss him. Her circles her like a vulture, then moves in. Suddenly, we see his reflection in an armoire’s glass and everything around them turns dark. He’s burned. Lydia backs away and screams.

In order to jumpstart Erica’s healing process, Derek breaks her arm and squeezes out the kanima venom. It looks painful. Erica collapses against Stiles, and they share a moment.

Scott confronts Derek about the way he used Erica to confirm the kanima’s identity. Though he’s not happy with the alpha, Scott is still going to help stop Jackson — as long as they follow Scott’s rules and take the kanima alive.

The busiest nurse in Beacon Hills Hospital is attending to the pregnant trailer lady. When the woman tells Ms. McCall that whatever killed her husband wasn’t human, the nurse just turns out the light and leaves her alone. To be fair, she probably has 30 other patients to attend to. Suddenly, there’s someone else in the room. It’s the hoodied man. He covers the expectant mother’s mouth with his gloved hand and suffocates her.

Considering she’s seated next to the burned corpse of Peter Hale, Lydia is remarkably calm. She listens as he tells her she’s sane and touches her hair. Then he whispers in her ear that he has a plan. “Your immunity makes you the perfect plan b,” he says. After he tells her she can do one important thing, Lydia flashes back to not seeing him, Sixth Sense style. She was hallucinating the teenaged version of Peter all along. Back in the present, Lydia is alone but holds the blue flower in her palm. She looks at it all crazy like. Under the floor lies Peter’s burned corpse. What the what?

Next week, the gang learns that what’s good for the kanima, is good for its master.

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