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True Blood

Which Femme Fatale Authority Member Dug Up Russell Edgington on True Blood?

Raise your hand if you've been up all night pondering Russell Edgington's escape? Join the club, Truebie friends. We still don't know who stuck Russell in an insane asylum and let him snack on victims of The Atkins Diet, but we have a few theories …

Here's what we know: A female Authority member dug up Russell, which means there are only three suspects: Nora, Salome, and Rosalyn. Time to get our investigation on!

Exhibit A: Nora

Nora's a Sanguanista who would love nothing more than for Russell to walk free. Then again, Eric swears he didn't tell Nora about Russell's location, and she risked her life for Bill and her bro. Why would she betray them? We're going to rule this British Bombshell out, despite the fact that she's totally insane in the membrane and has taken to speaking in tongues.

Exhibit B: Salome

It seems pretty obvious that Salome is a Roman fangirl, but what if she has her own Sanguanista agenda? She's horrified by Nora's imprisonment, and keeps trying to convince Roman to throw the Sanguanistas a bone. Could Salome be playing for both teams?

Exhibit C: Rosalyn

Honestly, we don't trust anyone who voluntarily walks around with middle-aged mom hair — plus, Rosalyn seemed nervous when Roman was grilling his troops last week. Then again, the vampire from Doug's memory was wearing a fedora, and Rosalyn doesn't exactly seem like the trendy type …

Who do you think rescued Russell? Have at it in the comments!

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07.10.2012 / 01:30 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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