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Bunheads Spoilers: The Ballerinas Talk Boyfriends, Body Image — and Older Men?

So far on ABC Family’s Bunheads we’ve focused on Michelle (Sutton Foster) and Fanny (Kelly Bishop) as they deal with the consequences of Hubbell’s (Alan Ruck) shocking death, while the four young dancers in Fanny’s studio – Sasha, Boo, Ginny, and Melanie – have stayed mostly in the background.

Well, the girls are about to take center stage. At a recent set visit, Wetpaint Entertainment got a chance to chat with Julia Goldani Telles (Sasha), Kaitlyn Jenkins (Boo), Bailey Buntain (Ginny) and Emma Dumont (Melanie). As the girls were in the process of shooting their finale, they couldn’t help but reveal some romantic scoop from the rest of their first season.

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“Sasha, especially in the latter episodes of the season, goes through a lot, and she starts getting interested in boys,” says Julia. “Sasha puts herself in a lot of more adult circumstances to try to feel more mature. She crushes on an older man, played by Nathan Parsons of General Hospital. He’s cah-ute. He plays a bartender named Godot.”

“She starts rebelling more than she ever has,” she adds. ”Sasha dyes her hair. A lot of it is physical because I think she’s trying to get into her sexuality a little bit more. She’s trying to figure out who she is at an age where there’s a lot of insecurity about appearance. She is trying to look more mature.”


“Ginny has had the same boyfriend since the second grade,” reveals Bailey. “It’s comfortable, she gets something from him that she doesn't get from her home life. Her Dad is not in the picture and her Mom puts a lot of pressure on her. But when Michelle comes in and rocks the world, she starts thinking that there might be something else out there besides this boy she has been with. She starts to test the boundaries a little bit with guys, ballet, school and everything.”

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“Boo has been infatuated with Melanie’s brother ever since she was young, and as the season goes on, she learns that maybe if he’s so clueless maybe he isn’t a perfect choice,” reveals Kaitlyn. “Maybe there’s someone else out there is better for her. There are characters that will be introduced. It’s surprising, but I think that it’s really sweet. Boo is really happy in the end.”


“Melanie gets very sassy about half-way into the season,” says Emma. “There’s a lot of conflict with her friends and her brother and it really shows an interesting quirky side to the brother/sister relationship. She totally gets aggressive and sassy and funny to defend her friend.”

“I like to compare Melanie to Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell,” adds Emma. “You don’t really see her with a whole lot of guys, but we’re starting to hint in the tenth episode that there’s a love interest between her and her brother’s friend. Maybe a Slater and Jessie situation might come about later on?”

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07.11.2012 / 03:59 AM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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