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Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham on Fighting With Her Parents: “I Don’t Feel Like I Overreacted”

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham has always wanted to be independent, but her loving (and sometimes pushy) parents give her a hard time about living so far away. These two are constantly pressuring Farrah to either move back to Iowa or let them take care of baby Sophia, and Farrah has a short fuse. In fact, she can be full-on snarky.

"I do get annoyed with how my parents talk to me and how they try to sneakily get their way and nag me," Farrah tells Mom Finds. "My counselor, Deana, has spoken to my parents about how to ask me questions regarding Sophia and how to address closeness in regards to limitations and freedom. My parents insist on speaking to me separately about the same topic over and over again trying to get their way. They do not give me real support in terms of advice and being confident in my decisions and my life with Sophia."

Farrah has a point, but does she ever worry that Sophia will copy her 'tude? "I’m not concerned with history repeating itself," Farrah says. "I think I have completely tried to show my mom and my whole family how to care and support for someone instead of adding aggravation and hardships. I’m very blunt and honest when there is wrong being done in my family."

Communication is definitely key, but sometimes Farrah can be downright mean to her parents –– especially her good-natured pops, Michael. Does she have any regrets? "Well, I look back and I know there was way more that went on than what was shown on TV, so no I don’t feel I overreacted," Farrah explains. "I try to remain down-to-earth and I feel I have enough drama in my life that I don’t need to act out by being more dramatic. Maybe viewers confuse my frustration with my parents as dramatic, but it’s better than yelling and fighting."

True that, Farrah! And don't forget, this gal is super close to her family these days. She and her mom are even making a hot 'n' spicy Italian pepper sauce!

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07.11.2012 / 10:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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