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Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Tragic Story Behind Phaedra Parks’s Decision to Open a Funeral Home

Phaedra Parks has been talking about opening her own funeral home for at least a year now, and while her latest aspiration to throw “phabulous funerals” may seem a bit strange and even amusing to some, there’s actually a tragic and touching story behind all of it.

In a recent interview with PAPER Magazine, Phaedra reveals that her desire to open a funeral home stems from an earlier tragedy in her own life.

[My] best friend was murdered in New Orleans on her birthday and I helped with her funeral,” she explains. “It was tragedies like that that put me in a position to get up close with funerals and bodies and see how they should be restored.”

“I wanted my [deceased friends] to look like they did when they were alive and I wanted them to have a great funeral. So I took it upon myself to go to the funeral homes, talk to the morticians and really get involved in the planning of the service and through that I got really intrigued with the whole process of the burial and what you had to do to restore people to what they looked like prior,” she continues.

And Phaedra is more focused on her funeral home than ever, even taking classes on how to embalm a body. “I'm in school so I'm actively burying people and embalming them because you have to embalm so many bodies in order to get your complete certification to be licensed,” she says.

So just what can one expect from one of Phaedra’s funerals? Phabulousness of course!

Phaedra dishes, “I really see myself as being the Vera Wang of funerals. I'm very creative and I'm always thinking outside the box.”

We’ll probably get all the dirt on Phae-Phae’s funeral business when Season 5 premieres in the fall!

Source: PAPER Magazine