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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Vicki Gunvalson Opens Up About the “Ugly” RHoOC Reunion and How She’s Mended Her Relationship With Briana — Exclusive

Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Orange County has been a bumpy ride for original cast member and fan favorite Vicki Gunvalson. Finally free from her marriage to Donn (although they’re not yet divorced), Vicki found love again in boyfriend Brooks Ayers... only to start feuding with daughter Briana and best friend Tamra Barney over their opinion of Vicki’s new man. (Hint: They don’t approve).

To top that off, Briana and her boyfriend dropped a bombshell on Vicki by announcing that they not only eloped in Vegas, they’re expecting their first child.

Now that the season has wrapped (Part 1 of the reunion aired last night; Part 2 of the reunion airs Monday, July 16, on Bravo at 8 p.m.), Vicki took a few moments to reflect with Wetpaint Entertainment.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How is your relationship with Briana now?
Vicki Gunvalson: My relationship with Briana is amazing. We definitely went through a month or so of conflict, but we are amazing now. She and Ryan moved back into my home, and they are fixing up the baby's room and have decided to help me around this big house.

Ryan unfortunately has to return back to Afghanistan in November, and Briana really wanted to have me near her to help her out. They are very happy together — and once Ryan returns in 10 months, they will be purchasing a home. All is good!

Has Briana's pregnancy brought you closer again? What are you looking forward to about welcoming your first grandchild?
Yes, absolutely. I am teaching Briana how to sew pillows and baby crib bedding, and we spend our nights together making dinner and taking the dogs for a walk. I am looking forward to watching my daughter love her child unconditionally, as I have loved her and Michael. I think she will finally understand that you love your children sometimes so much it hurts.

What did you think when you watched your fight with Tamra on-screen? Do you still feel the way you felt then?
I am embarrassed and saddened on how I reacted. Hindsight of course is always 20/20 vision; we should have just left and discussed it off camera on another day. Unfortunately, the problem between Tamra and myself had been brewing for a few months, and my patience had worn thin.

I'm saddened and hurt that we have drifted, and wished it had never happened. I was in a very tough place, and it was unfortunate she was making me choose between her or Brooks. When cameras were off, we were all friends — when the cameras came on she was a different person towards Brooks.

What was your experience with this season's reunion?
I feel it was a very good reunion, until the last hour, and then it turned ugly. I hope my fans will be proud to support me as this season comes to a close. Overall, new friendships were made and others were tested, but that's life. Our life is played out in front of the camera, but we all understand that is the essence of the show. For me, to close my seventh season, as the only original cast member, makes me only look forward to a bright future!

Alexis has been very outspoken about the way you've had her back and been a true friend. Do you feel the same way about her?
Absolutely! I really have come to love Alexis. She's an amazing woman, mother, and wife and has always been very real, kind, and honest with me. It's nice to be around someone who doesn't want to judge or pick a fight with someone all the time.

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