Heather Dubrow on Alexis Bellino’s Treatment of the Crew: “The Way She Treated Them Was Just Not Okay”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Heather Dubrow on Alexis Bellino’s Treatment of the Crew: “The Way She Treated Them Was Just Not Okay”

On Part 1 of the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7 Reunion Special, Heather Dubrow made a big claim against co-star Alexis Bellino when she accused her of being very unkind to the show’s crew. On last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Heather was prodded for a specific example of that behavior.

According to Heather, the thing that really pushed [her] over the edge was when, after supposedly many similar incidents, Alexis was talking “not nicely” to the crew during the camping trip the girls took together in Season 7, Episode 10.

“[T]he way she treated them [then] was just not okay,” she said. “And I feel like, you know, Alexis to me is always this series of dichotomies, and I feel like she’s this very strong, Christian woman which I think is great but then you treat people like that, and I just keep thinking, ‘Where but for the grace of God go I.’ You gotta start living that way.”

Heather also fired back when a caller said it was inappropriate for her to sit in on the conversation between Alexis’s husband Jim Bellino and her own husband Terry Dubrow on the season finale. She explained that Terry had already dealt with Jim before by taking him and the other guys out to dinner while the girls were in Costa Rica. Things were fine then, but she says Jim wanted the conversation to be filmed — hence, his surprise arrival at the Dubrow name-changing party.

“Jim wanted it to be on camera, and he wanted them to have this big old lunch and do it on camera. My husband’s a surgeon, his father had just passed away, he doesn’t have time to go film something on camera, so when he came to our house, Terry felt ‘Okay, well let’s just get this over with, let’s just film it, let’s just do it, you want it on camera, let’s just do it.’ That’s why they sat down. I was irritated because I felt like a lot of things had been said about me, I wasn’t getting any apologies, and I didn’t want my poor sweet husband to be sitting at this table apologizing to the nth degree for something when other things had come my way. So I felt like I was there to have my husband’s back, and you know what, this is not the year 1950. Man-to-man, caveman-to-caveman? I can be there,” she snapped.

Yow! Heather’s such a little fireball when she gets on a kick, isn’t she?

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