Kristin Bauer van Straten Can’t Get Enough of Alexander Skarsgard’s Naked Ass!
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True Blood

Kristin Bauer van Straten Can’t Get Enough of Alexander Skarsgard’s Naked Ass!

When Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) released Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) from the maker bond on True Blood, we cried a bit, and even Kristin admits that she and Alex were confused by the end of their dynamic duo. Unfortunately, the True Blood writers did nothing to allay the actor’s fears.

Kristin tells E! Online, “Well basically they [the writers] just don't tell us anything. We're going to have to see and evolve. The nice thing about True Blood and HBO is they don't wrap things up, so this will carry over into next year as well. It evolves more like a relationship in life. So we'll see. Pam is trying to find herself without that umbilical cord.”

The upside to the end of the Eic and Pam era is that Pam will get a wider array of storylines in Season 5.

We are now moving into the havoc the Authority is wreaking," Kristin reveals. "A lot of my season has to do with that, and try to find this new way in this new world. And also dealing with this ball and chain called Tara [Rutina Wesley]. That I would have preferred to have killed, but now she's my child.”

Yikes! We’re glad she’s not our vampire mama.

Despite her interesting storylines, Kirstin insists that there’s at least one thing she will most certainly miss about the delectable sir Skarsgard: his ass!

“There's always a hundred takes. I saw his naked ass get out of bed many many times. It's very strenuous," she jokes.

But all kidding aside, Bauer van Straten has nothing but praise for her anatomically gifted co-star.

“He's better looking in person. He's taller. He's funnier. He's sweeter.”

No need to rub it in, Kristin. We’ve had our eyes on this hottie since Season 1!

Source: E! Online