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True Blood

Should Sookie and Alcide Finish What They Started? You Tell Us!

We've been waiting for Sookie and Alcide to hookup ever since he wandered into Bon Temps and stripped off his shirt for no apparent reason. Swoon!

Last week, Sookicide finally got their freak on in a drunken fit of mutual shame spiraling, but then Sookie ruined the moment by vomiting all over Alcide's shoes. Worst rebound experience ever.

Unfortunately, Sookie and her were-lover didn't finish what they started — thanks to Bill and Eric c*ck blocking them — and we're worried the moment has passed. Especially now that the Scooby gang have found Russell Edgington, who might eat them all.

Should these star-crossed lovers jump back in the sack, or should Sookie reject Alcide like she's rejected every other supernatural hunk that she's come in contact with?

As much as we'd love to see these two do it doggie style (and we mean that literally, of course), it might be time for the Sookster to reunite with someone who doesn't reek of vomit.

Should Sookie and Alcide finish what they started?

07.12.2012 / 09:28 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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