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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Speculation: Why Emily Maynard Picks Arie Luyendyk, Jr. (Maybe)

It's final days on The Bachelorette Season 8, and we're anxious for a happy ending to our favorite televised love story. So we have our eyes on some guys Emily Maynard may claim as her prize. Here are a few reasons why Em may end up picking (and be currently engaged to) Arie Luyendyk, Jr. Check back for reasons she may end up with Jef “I Hid The Other F In My Hair” Holm.

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1. They Both Like Fast Cars
Yeah, NASCAR and IndyCar are two different things, but a hot race car driver is a hot race car driver and Em likes hot race car drivers. Her late fiance, Ricky Hendrick, was a NASCAR driver and Em is said to have briefly dated Dale Earnhardt Jr. She said on the premiere that car racing is basically the only sport she knows or cares about, so Arie could teach her more about IndyCar and she’s probably pick up who’s who fast enough and be fascinated by that whole flashy world.

2. He’s Tall, Skinny, Funny, and Cute
In Episode 3, Emily made a point of saying she likes tall, skinny and funny guys. She was on her way to a diss of Kalon McMahon, but it also applies as a compliment to Arie. Before the season started, Emily said she was looking for a funny/cute guy who could make her laugh, doesn’t take things too seriously and could be her best friend — but is still serious enough to be ready to be a husband and father. Emily definitely seems to have a major crush on Arie (and we can’t blame her). In her blog on Episode 3, Emily wrote, “To say that I was nervous before my date with Arie is an understatement! I swear, I think I changed my outfit 20 times before I was pulled out of my house, because I just wanted everything to go perfectly. As nervous as I was, within five minutes of being in the car with Arie, he had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt!” So he’s tall, skinny, cute, and funny enough to bust her gut.

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3. They Have Passion
That first kiss was hot, man. Hawt hot. Do you have a kiss like that and then eventually dump the guy? She also kissed Chris and Sean, but not like she kissed Arie. And she was so into Arie she kissed him again in the mansion while the other guys could see. That’s how much she’s into his, um, driving skills.

4. He Seems Ready to Be a Dad
Most guys gave pageant answers about being a father — except maybe Alessandro The Vampire Detector — but Arie has the experience to back it up. He dated a woman with two kids and even lived with them, driving the kids to school. The relationship didn’t work out, but he got close to the kids and feels he’s really ready to step into that fatherhood role.

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5. He Got a Date in Episode 3
As we mentioned before, Arie got a date on Week 3 and the past three Bachelorette Chosen Ones, Ed Swiderski (Season 5), Roberto Martinez (Season 6) and JP Rosenbaum (Season 7), all had their first dates on the third episode. It could be a sign.

6. He Was There When She Needed Him
Between the steamy kisses and being the guy who consoles her when another guy hurts her — Arie seems to be playing JP Rosenbaum to Em’s Ashley Hebert. We kind of thought Jef was going to end up in the JP role, but Jash’s kisses were steamy too, and JP’s first sweet, low-key pajama date (on Season 7’s Episode 3) was right after Bentley Williams quit. After Alessandro got Em so upset, Arie was there to hug her and then get kissy. Always watch the guy the Bachelorette turns to when things go wrong. Ali Fedotowsky turned to Roberto Martinez, Ashley turned to JP, and it’s possible Em will keep turning to Arie. Or maybe not. We’ll see.

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