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The Bachelorette

Emily and Arie’s 5 Cutest Moments on The Bachelorette: Kissing, Kissing, and More Kissing

Arie and Emily have a fever, and the only perscription is more tonsil hockey. These two are the hottest couple in Bachelorette history (other than Ryan and his reflection), and the time has come to round up their cutest moments of the season. Get your engines running, ladies.

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1. Arie Cross Dresses, Introduces Us To His Alter-Ego, Ariel
Arie charmed our panties off when he dressed up as a nurse in The Bachelorette's rendition of "Romeo and Juliet," and we've been attracted to cross-dressers ever since. Don't even get us started on the image of this european speed racer slipping into white tights, because we might pass out into the bowl of cheese puffs we're currently eating. Even Emily was aroused by Lady Arie!

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2. Arie And Emily Make Out at Dollywood
Remember when Arie and Emily shared their first of many kisses atop a hay bale at Dollywood? Despite the fact that a bunch of perverted farm animals were probably watching their hookup, (and the fact that the Dollywood janitorial team spent all night cleaning up sequins), the moment was 100 percent adorable. Emily and Arie definitely have chemistry, and those poor, innocent mary-go-round horses paid the price.

3. Arie Drops The L Word
You guys, people cannot stop declaring their undying love for Emily — especially Arie. He professed his feelings for Em while they were vacationing in Prague, which caused us to leap at the TV screen in a estrogen-fueled frenzy while shouting "We Love You Toooooo!" Of course, Emily is contractually obligated not to love anyone (forever alone), so she stopped his lips with a tender kiss, at which point our hearts melted into a thousand puddles of tears.

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4. Arie Cuddles With Emily After Hours
How wonderful was it when Arie broke free from Chris Harrison's hunky man prison and wandered the streets of Croatia until happening upon Emily? It was totally a "Rapunzel, let down your golden hair" moment, only Emily's hair is a clip-in Cleopatra ponytail. It was great to see Arie and Em enjoy a little hang-time after hours, and lord knows some bow-chicka-wow-wow would have gone down if the camera men hadn't been lurking.

5. Arie and Emily Swim With Dolphins, Almost Die at the Hands of Rabid Flipper
This is less of a "cute moment," and more of a "Oh My God, Emily And Arie Are Going To Be Murdered By A Morgan Freeman-Controlled Robot Dolphin," but hey — at least Arie acted the hero. Emily was terrified during the entire Dolphin-diving expedition in Curacao, but did you see the way Arie protected her? He would have murdered a million sea creatures to save her.