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The Bachelorette

Emily and Jef’s 5 Cutest Moments on The Bachelorette: Knee Socks, Love Letters, and a Proposal

Jef Holm and Emily Maynard are the most adorkable couple in Bachelorette history, and considering that there have been, like, a billion seasons, that's pretty impressive. Check out this dynamic duo's five cutest moments, and feel free to slip into a bedazzled poncho while reading this.


1. Jef Wears Knee Socks, Reminds Us of Our 6-Year-Old Self
Remember that picture of your "First Day of School," where you're wearing knee socks and pigtails? Well, Jef Holm has stolen said picture, stuck in on his inspiration board, and you guys? He's inspired.

Jef showed up to Bermuda's rose ceremony dressed like an 18th century immigrant from that weird European country that Arie comes from, and we're pretty sure his festive knee socks sealed the deal for Emily. Well, that and the pleated formal shorts.

2. Jef Tells Emily He Loves Her, Ventriloquist Style
You know what's lame? Saying "I love you" without ventriloquism. Honestly, puppetry makes everything sexier, and we're so glad Jef chose to have his puppet-self drop the l-word on Emily.

In fact, Jef impressed Em so much that she agreed to make out with him on the floor of Prague's national library! We just feel bad for poor Puppet Ricki, who had to watch her puppet mother make sweet, Pinocchio love to a puppet stranger. Sigh!

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3. Jef Calls Ricki a Chloe Bag, Our Ovaries Explode (in a Good Way)
Emily morphed into a backwoods hood rat when Kalon called Ricki "baggage," but then Jef saved the day like some kind of hipster Superman. Basically, picture Superman, but with even tighter tights and even thicker-frame glasses.

We love that Jef paid Ricki a compliment while simultaneously revealing his knowledge of trendy lady fashions. No wonder Emily loves him — he's a boyfriend who doubles as a stylist!

Credit: ABC via WENN    

4. Jef Reads Emily a Love Letter
During the hometown dates, Jef sat Emily down and read her an emotional letter about life, love,and this small child named Ricki who he's never met. The letter is basically novel-length, so we present to you a free-association haiku version of the highlights.

"you fit in my arms
a cute little family
I'll be there for her"

5. Jef Proposes To Miss Piggy, His Fetish For Puppetry Is Born
Words cannot describe how adorable Jef's proposal to Miss Piggy was — and did you see the way he looked over at Emily to make sure she wasn't jealous? Sigh, Jef's so shy and sweet, we just hope Miss Piggy won't c*ck block his happily ever after. Also, it goes without saying that Jef's strange obsession with "puppet people" was born on this fated day.