True Blood Spoiler Roundup: All the Scoop on Season 5, Episode 6: “Hopeless”
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True Blood

True Blood Spoiler Roundup: All the Scoop on Season 5, Episode 6: “Hopeless”

If you can’t wait until Sunday night's all-new episode of True Blood, check out a fangtastic sneak peek of Season 5, Episode 6: “Hopeless” with Wetpaint Entertainment’s super spoiler roundup!

1. Sam Will Live to See Another Day!
Last week, on-again-off-again shifter-lovers, Sam and Luna, were lying unconscious on the grass after being gunned down by group of townie hicks. While we're unsure about Luna's fate, we can confirm that Bon Temps's most beloved restaurant owner will live to see another day. Read more here!

2. Sookie and Alcide Might Fall in love!
Joe Manganiello recently told TV Guide that Alcide and Sookie's relationship goes "a lot deeper" than your average roll in the hay. "The fun thing about that scene is that it plays really real and adult," he dished. "Kids at home, that is how babies are made." Intrigued? Click here for more!

3. We'll Find Out Who Dug Up Russell Edgington!
Ever since Alcide found Russell's cement grave empty in the Season 4 finale of True Blood, we've been wondering who dug up the ancient vampire with a vendetta. Denis O'Hare reveals to E! Online that "you get a hint in episode two, and then a big hint in episode five." Read more here!

4. A British Belle Comes to Town!
Sadly, Episode 6 still leaves a lot to the imagination, but we will meet a “radiantly beautiful” British belle in her mid-20s — and you know what that could mean. Yep, punk rock Bill!

5. Check Out Next Week's Promo!
Next time on True Blood ... Russell Edgington is back and ready to bite; Pam breaks up a fight at Fangtasia; Lafayette visits Ruby Jean; Terry blames a curse for his troubles; Alcide challenges J.D.; Sam offers to help Andy; and Roman reveals his plans for Russell. Watch here!