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True Blood

Who Is Lilith?: Everything You Need To Know!

Have you heard the news? Lilith is about to "rise from the blood" and kill us all, kinda like that time she slaughtered Adam, Eve and their pet snake. Turns out Lilith was a vampire made in God's image (that's right, The Man Upstairs was a fangbanger), and she was put on this earth to eat mere muggles. At least according to True Blood.

Lilith has been around long before HBO –– she's cropped up in the Bible, Jewish mythology and even back in the good ol' days of Mesopotamia. Lilith (or Lilitu) is usually described as a type of female demon, though in the Dead Sea Scrolls she appears as a monster.

In Jewish folklore, Lilith was Adam's first wife (Eve is so pissed right now), but apparently she broke up with him after he started bossing her around, and then slept with an archangel for revenge.

In Assyria, Lilitu demons are depicted as preying on children and women, and they usually had talons instead of feet. They were also sex-addicts who couldn't have kiddos (this was before the days of "in vitro"), which might explain their weird baby-eating tendencies and her hatred towards pregnant ladies.

Some Mesopotamian versions of Lilith describe her as having a scorpion between her legs, so you can only imagine the fun True Blood's costume department will have once she shows up in Bon Temps.

As far as the Bible goes, Lilith appears in the Book of Isaiah 34:13-15, where her name (lilit) appears in a list of eight "unclean animals" who may or may not be demons. In conclusion? Our bodies are ready!

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