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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Emily Maynard Spills Diet Tips: “Does Kissing Boys Count as Exercise?”

If you looked up Emily Maynard on Linkedin, her resume would read: America's Sweetheart, Professional Mom, and Fitness Guru. This gal has spent most of her time on The Bachelorette strapped into various bikinis, and it's like: We get it. You look amazing. Now teach us how to get that 6 pack, and let's move on.

“Honestly, our schedule was so intense that I didn’t have a lot of time to think about working out or a diet plan," Emily tells Shape. "The hours alone kept my metabolism burning off calories! Does kissing boys count as exercise?”

Kissing boys is the only exercise we get, so we'll go ahead and say, yes, it counts! Of course, when Em isn't busy locking lips with her suitors, she multi-tasks by using resistance bands, doing chores, and running after her sweet kiddo, Ricki! But does girlfriend follow a diet?

Of course she does! Emily keeps trim by eating healthy salads, sushi, and fruit — that is, when she isn't binge eating po'boys and fried pickles. “I love fried foods," she says. "I know they’re so bad… but I’m a Southern girl so it’s my guilty pleasure. I have a slight addiction to diet coke that I’m trying to curb, but for now I make myself drink a glass of water every time I crave it.”

Does Tang count as water? Because that's what we drink, and it feels great!

Source: Shape

07.14.2012 / 02:20 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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