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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Finale Promo Analysis: Emily Maynard Sobs, Feels Like She’s Betraying Jef and Arie

Emily Maynard has thinned the hunk herd down to her final two: Jef Holm and Arie Luyendyk, Jr. In the promo for The Bachelorette Season 8 finale, Emily wrestles with the seemingly impossible decision of choosing between the two. Turns out, the love journey isn’t all ponies and unicorns and making out in tropical locales. In fact, there’s a whole lot of crying coming our way. Check out our scene-by-scene analysis of the preview for the finale:

0:01 — Chris Harrison is the Ryan Seacrest of love journeys. His voice over (with dramatic string music) opens the preview. “It’s the most dramatic television event of the summer.” In other words: Welcome to the Terror Dome!
0:06 — Emily is crying into her hand. Chris Harrison states the obvious: “Emily’s journey to find love comes to an incredibly emotional end.”

0:12 — Jef and Emily are sitting on the beach. Jef says, “You have everything I’ve ever wanted, in anybody.” His pompadour blows in the wind.

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0:15 — Jef and Emily stroll the beach hand-in-hand.
0:16 — Emily and Arie stroll the Curacao courtyard hand-in-hand.
0:17 — Emily’s voice says, “The fact that I still don’t know who the guy for me is makes me wonder if any guy here is for me.”

0:23 — Emily’s dad doles out some real talk. “I don’t believe that you can love two people at once.”
0:26 — Emily gives her dad the dead-eye stare while her voice says, “I’m so confused. I don’t know where my heart is anymore."

0:29 — It’s Emily’s mom’s turn! “I encourage you to wait on any kind of engagement.”
0:34 — Emily cries again, gracefully, with an admirably-pristine manicure.

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0:36 — Chris Harrison, the ever-present voice of reason, gently tells Em, “Sounds like you know what you want to do and probably need to do today.”
0:42 — Emily: “I don’t even know how to start the conversation. I don’t know what to say. It’s different.”
0:53 — Chris: “You feel like at this point you’re betraying both of them.”

1:00 — Emily: “the hardest thing about today is actually saying the words ‘I don’t know anymore.’”
1:08 — Chris sums it up: “Well, your mind is made up here. You are done.”

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