Joe Jonas on Jumping Into Reality TV, Tackling The Next, and Saying Goodbye to Disney – Exclusive
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Joe Jonas on Jumping Into Reality TV, Tackling The Next, and Saying Goodbye to Disney – Exclusive

Believe it or not, it’s been three years since the Jonas Brothers released Lines, Vines and Trying Times, but that doesn’t mean Joe Jonas hasn’t been a very busy twentysomething. Between his solo release, becoming a mentor for the ACUVUE 1-Day Contest, and filming his new reality competition show, The Next: Fame Is at Your Doorstep, Joe is in crazy demand!

Fortunately, Wetpaint Entertainment recently sat down with Joe in New York City to get the scoop on his latest projects.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What’s been the best part about your work with ACUVUE?
Joe Jonas: My favorite part about working with ACUVUE is the fact that I get to encourage somebody and their dreams - somehow help them out and come up with ideas and ways to make it happen for them.

The past two years, I’ve been able to work with two different people. [The] one from last year, she was so shy. I remember first meeting her, it was hard for her to have a conversation with me. And then I saw her a year later, and you wouldn’t even recognize this girl. Not only was she wearing different clothes than I thought she would ever wear, but her personality was so bright.

How important is it for successful celebrities to give back?
It’s not for everybody. For some people, it might not be their thing. For the ones that want to help out and know they can, I think it’s really important. They have such a great influence on people without even realizing it. Their personal stories, in general, can encourage [people] in ways that are just incredible.

What's it been like to work on The Next: Fame Is at Your Doorstep?
It’s been awesome. I just got back from Orlando. There’s great talent in Orlando. It’s a fun show. I mean, I literally knock on somebody’s door and I’m like, “Listen, we have 72 hours. We’ve got to get you ready for this audition, and I’m moving in.” So, I’m pretty much living with this person for a few days getting them ready for this audition, and if they have a job or tours, [I’m] helping them out.

How involved are you in your brother Kevin’s show, Married to Jonas?
Any time [me and Nick] see Kevin, there’s a camera around. It’s really focused on [Kevin and Dani], which is kind of cool and exciting - to see their relationship and the craziness that goes on with in-laws and everything. It’s fun for me and Nick because we can just sit back and watch. It’s probably a little stressful for Kevin.

What's it like to see yourself on reality TV?
I think the pilot was an educating thing more for my family. It’s reality television. Whatever you give them, they’ve got. It’s not like they pick what you want them to use. Not that we’re a scandalous family - there’s not a lot of drama in our family. With reality television, you can create a storyline that might not actually be that big of a deal, but they can make it really big. Something as simple as Kevin having a fight with [Dani’s] dad can be a whole storyline on an episode. It’s really interesting. I don’t know if it’s for me right now, but Kevin and Dani somehow seem to do it right.

How does Married to Jonas stack up against other reality shows, like Real Housewives or Jersey Shore?
I think they’re on the right network [for] a reality show [E!], and having Ryan Seacrest a part of it is great. They’re going to be in a good place. Also, there’s a lot of people who can relate to the show. There’s a lot of young couples that get married, like Kevin and Dani, and are going through what they’ve gotta go through during their first few years of marriage. That’s where Kevin and Dani are right now. I think there’s going to be a lot of couples that relate to that.

How would you describe your stint on The Choice?
It was funny. I was kind of sitting back and being like, “Alright, I’ll have fun with this.” The three other guys on my episode were so funny. We laughed the entire time. These girls and the crazy ways they were trying to flirt; I think a lot of them were probably told to just be crazy and a lot of the guys will like this, but we were all, “That’s not the kind of girl we’re looking for.”

Are your Disney Channel days behind you, or would you return to Camp Rock or Jonas?
I think we’re a little too old for Camp Rock right now. It would be a little bit funny with bearded men on the Disney Channel. Our time with Disney was great. They were a great partner. We had an amazing time with them, and I think it’s cool for us to now move to a different time in our career.

Want more Joe Jonas? Check back soon for the second part of our exclusive interview, where Joe reveals what’s next for the Jonas Brothers!

The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep premieres August 16th on the CW.

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