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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries at Comic-Con 2012: Elena as a Vampire, Esther’s Origins, and More Season 4 Spoilers

Filming has only just started on The Vampire Diaries Season 4, but the cast spilled some juicy details on the upcoming season when they gathered today for their 2012 Comic-Con panel. Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen, Zach Roerig, Michael Trevino, and Executive Producer Julie Plec were on hand for the event, with Executive Producer Kevin Williamson moderating the panel. Anytime this group gets together, you know it’s going to be good!

We’ve rounded up all the scoop from the panel below!

  • “Now the world has one more quarterback. Bravo, brother.” The very lucky fans at Comic-Con were able to get a short first look at scenes from Season 4, including those stinging words from Damon to Stefan.

  • The question on everyone’s lips: What will change now that Elena is a vamp? “Elena was a badass girl, and now she’s a badass vampire girl and can take care of herself,” Ian told the audience. “It’s going to add a really interesting dynamic between [the Salvatore brothers and Elena]… and I think they’ll learn a lot together in a really short amount of time.” Nina says it isn’t going to be easy to play Elena as a vampire. “How do you make Elena, the vampire, different from her [regular] self? It’s going to be difficult, and I think it’s going to [be based on] her experiences. Everything’s going to be heightened and she’s constantly going to be struggling with what she is.” Meanwhile, Julie revealed that Elena’s transformation has been a long time coming: It was originally supposed to happen in Season 2.

  • As the Mystic Falls gang start their senior year, Julie promised that they’ll be dealing with “a lot of deep, emotional, and twisted stuff.” Like us, she is pumped for Season 4: “One of the greatest things that we discovered while putting stories together is that everything feels fresh. There’s this wonderful core of character.

  • Damon is no longer trying to be Mr. Nice Guy. “At this point, he’s tried,” Ian said. “He tried to be someone people wanted him to be, but bottom line is, he’s not.”

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  • While at least one Salvatore brother seems to be unhappy that Matt is still alive while Elena is undead, Matt will play an important role for Elena. "I don't know if it's the season of Matt, but I think it's the season of Matt trying to stay human," Zach said. But is this the season that Matt gets another love interest? Zach joked, “I think that Sheriff Forbes might be a great companion.”

  • While the rumors of Alaric’s return seem to be a bit premature, Julie announced that Matt Davis’s contract with his new show, the CW’s Cult, leaves an opening for him to reappear on TVD. “He definitely, contractually, has permission to appear,” Julie said. “We certainly don’t like living in a world without Matt Davis in our family. It’s possible, and something we would all like to see.” Another face we definitely will be seeing in Season 4: Torrey DeVitto (Dr. Meredith Fell). "She's part of the family now," Plec noted.

  • Season 4 will get to the bottom of Original Witch Esther’s origins. "We call her the Original Witch, but where did she come from and who was before her and where did that spell come from to create the original vampires?" Plec said. "That's actually a big question and something we'll be asking this year."

  • "One really cool thing is Elena is a badass vampire girl and she can take care of herself finally," Ian surmised. "It's going to add a really interesting dynamic between the three of them. She's going to need help from these two, and the three of them are going to learn a lot together in a very short amount of time." Being his hilarious self, Paul noted: “We can have vamp sex, which lasts half a second.”

  • Will Katherine be back? "Katherine will not show her little face until Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is no longer a threat," Julie teased. Meanwhile, Nina thinks Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Katherine should get together. Wait, we kind of love that idea!

  • Mutual admiration society: One fan asked Julie to tell the audience one thing about each cast member that we didn't already know. She called Steven “a goofball with a heart of gold”; Zach she called a “true man and a true, true soul” and revealed that he “hunts turkeys”; Paul is “the funniest person I’ve ever met”; Nina is “going to rule the universe”; Ian has “done more things than any person ever”; Michael is “one of the most loyal people I’ve ever met.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, TV Line

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