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The Bachelor

5 Reasons Chris Bukowski Should Be The Next Bachelor

Chris Bukowski's been looking for love in all the wrong places, but it's time for him to eat some perogies, do a little Polish jig, and get himself a lady-harem courtesy of ABC. We think Chris is a great contender for next season's Bachelor, but do you need some convincing? No worries, this list will put the "ow ow ow!" in your Bukowski.

1. He's a Sweetheart
Chris is totally adorable. The ladies won't be able to resist his boyish good looks and charm! Plus, need we remind you of the time he showed up to Emily's meet n' greet with a bobble head? Dude is always thinking of others, and we love that he still plays with dolls. Bet he has Samantha and Felicity.

2. He Genuinely Wants a Wifey
Chris might be a youngin', but he's more than ready to settle down Polski-style and pop out a bunch of Euro-babies. Unlike some Bachelors, Chris doesn't have an ulterior motive or lust for fame (cough, Bachelor Pad 3, cough) — dude just wants a wife. BTW, Chris, we're single. You know, in case the whole Bachelor thing doesn't work out...

3. Um, hello? Six Pack!
Like most of Emily's suitors, Chris is blessed with washboard abs. Sadly, they were repressed during The Bachelorette, and it's time for them to break free and feel the rain on their skin. If Chris is picked as the next Bachelor, we suggest he holds a wet t-shirt competition, wherein he stands on a bed of roses while the ladies throw water at him.

4. He Isn't a Show Off
Remember when Chris chucked that log during the Highland Games and it was the most epic fail ever? We've never seen a piece of lumber look so limp and defeated. But did Chris wander off into the grassy knolls of Croatia and cry soft tears? Hell no! He held his head high, rocked his plaid skirt like whoa, and was voted Most Brave by Emily. Chris' go-getter attitude is sure to impress ladies on The Bachelor!

Chris feels all the feelings, guys. All of them. He's introspective, spends copious amounts of time leaning out of balconies while wearing TOMs, and isn't afraid to ugly-cry.

07.16.2012 / 09:37 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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