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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Expect Lots More of Alex Newell’s Unique, But Damian McGinty is Out!

This year's Glee panel at Comic-Con saw producers and castmates dishing on what to expect in Season 4 — but the real scoop was shared when producer Ian Brennan sat down with Wetpaint Entertainment to chat about what to expect. Wondering about the fate of cast members who have joined the show via The Glee Project? Read on to see what he has to say!

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During the panel, Ian had mentioned that Samuel and Alex will be back — but what about the respective fates of Damian and Lindsay? "It's still up in the air," Ian confessed. "I don't know. There's not much more story-wise to tell for them. Although, they're both — well, everybody we have is amazingly talented, but they're both great and will be fantastically successful without Glee, but it's hard to know where those storylines would go. They sort of have to come to a close. Not to mention we're busy juggling and bringing in new people. They're great, and I happen to know this year's winner of The Glee Project, and that person is going to be a great add. That person isn't going to join us until later, but I think we've found a star."

And given that Alex initially only got two episodes, Ian ays they wanted to give him more time to shine in the upcoming season. "I think it's hard," he said, "because you don't know who's going to pop in what way. As soon as he showed up on camera, it was like, 'Oh, that's really interesting,' and it's a story we haven't told, and it's funny and touching and just really rich and very much the show. So we just found ourselves continually fascinated by him, and it's great. We're now developing that character a little more, and people seem to have responded very well to him, and I think that character will go for awhile. I think — I hope!"

(UPDATE: On August 30, creator Ryan Murphy tweeted that Damian will be returning for Season 4's Thanksgiving episode. However, whether or not he'll return after that still remains unclear.)