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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Ian Brennan Talks Sue Sylvester’s New Baby!

Easily one of the most hotly anticipated storylines of Season 4 is — as hard as this is to believe — Sue Sylvester's baby! At the Entertainment Weekly party at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, producer Ian Brennan shared details with Wetpaint Entertainment about the bun in Sue's oven — and suffice it to say our minds were blown.

"I don't think it's a spoiler that she will have her baby come September," Ian said. "We're still not revealing the celebrity father. We're going to play that out for years. Until we can get this person to cameo on the show."

But don't think they're making it up as they go along: Ian says that they have someone in mind already. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," he assured us. "Yeah, from the beginning, it was sort of a joke. And then we were like, huh! That would actually really work. We just have to figure out, "Is that going to work?" but she's great. The good thing about Sue Sylvester is that she's the one character that can do whatever. She's come so far with regards to the Glee Club... I think we were worried that if she wasn't constantly trying to destroy the Glee Club that she wasn't going to be mean, but she's mean anyway. In writing her, we were like, 'No no, she's still on the kids' side, but she's insulting them the entire time,' so that's just the character that's evergreen. Literally, the greatest joy of my life is to write that character. So she's going to be around, and she has her own particular axe to grind this season."

07.16.2012 / 10:30 PM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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