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The Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 10: Lord Disick In the House!

Tonight’s new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians took some of the gang to London, England and others to Boston, Massachusetts and both groups came back a little changed. How so, exactly? Find out in our recap!

The episode begins with Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick chatting about his overzealous packing habits. Kim’s in London for business, and Scott and Rob are heading to join her and do their own thing. “Once I get out of those doors, it’s beast mode,” Scott warns. “Alright, live it up party boy,” Kourtney taunts back. She does want him to behave like a gentleman while he’s gone, though.

Meanwhile, Kim’s already in London launching her fragrance in the U.K. Kanye West’s also there on his tour, but they won’t have a ton of time to spend together. To keep herself from being lonely abroad, she’s invited her friend Jonathan Cheban to come along for company. He arrives during a strategy meeting and discovers just how busy she’ll be. Why did she invite him, then? Especially if Rob and Scott are on the way as well? When she finally finishes her meeting, they decide to check out her hotel. Kanye’s hand-selected a wardrobe for her to choose from mostly Prada and some of his own designs. She’s got ten minutes to squeeze in a nap before she’s got to head to hair and make-up, and Jonathan’s quickly starting to realize she’s got no time for him.

Scott meets up with Rob in his room, and Rob’s happy to be around male energy since he’s usually stuck in a house full of women. Scott notices Rob’s down to a robe and Jordans and they share an awkward hug on Rob’s bed before Scott notices they’re not in the Dorchester Hotel like they’d originally intended. Apparently, the Queen is staying at that hotel so the whole thing’s shut down. Scott’s impressed with her game. Rob gives Scott a sniff per Kourtney’s instructions to watch out for his drinking in the U.K.

Jonathan meets up with the gang, and when they go to knock on Kim’s door, she can’t even answer because she’s so busy with a dress-fitting.

Back in the States, Kendall, Kylie, Khloe, Kris, and Bruce are hanging out, and the girls start talking about Kendall’s first apartment and how she wants Kylie to move in. “Can you guys not get so excited about leaving me?” Kris begs. Bruce says it’s something to look forward to because they’ll finally get some alone time after all of these years. Kris starts jumping down Bruce’s throat about her missing tennis racket, but it turns out she lent it to Kendall. Whoops. She changes the subject by inviting Khloe on a trip to Boston in place of Kim. “Oh goodie,” Khloe’s face practically shouts! She thinks her mom is too hard on Bruce and isn’t overjoyed at the idea of traveling with the two of them.

Jonathan’s still ticked that Kim can’t find time for him, but Scott’s preoccupied with the Queen’s fame. “I’m sick of nightclub appearances with hundreds of people. I wanna be saluted like this,” he says. They do get a good joke out of it, saying Scott already has royalty in the family thanks to Kim, “her royal high-n*ss.” Scott and Rob take Jonathan under their wing and they go on a sightseeing jaunt. When they stroll up to the location of the Queen’s jubilee, Scott’s seriously impressed with what a spectacle she is to the area, and the wheels start turning.

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At home, Bruce is annoyed by driving Kris’ “ridiculous” Rolls Royce. He thinks it affects his image to drive such a hoity toity car. When she snaps back at him and says that he has no image, Bruce decides to stop the car, get out and have Kendall take his place. Kris informs us that Bruce has a short fuse that no one ever sees about him.

Khloe strategizes with an absent-minded Kourtney about how to handle the Boston trip. Khloe expresses her belief that Bruce is “easy peasy.” Kourtney wishes her mom could be nicer sometimes, and Khloe says she just wishes Kris would be nice to Bruce. “Maybe I should just put myself in the hospital for exhaustion,” Khloe jokes.

Meanwhile, Scott and Rob are searching for a portrait gallery that’ll showcase all of the royals throughout history. Rob wasn’t expecting Scott’s interest in the subject but goes with it. That’s when Scott makes it clear that he’s serious about becoming royalty. “Can I become a Sir, or is it easier to become a Lord?” he asks.

Bruce meets up with Kourtney and Khloe for lunch no Kris allowed, even when she calls and specifically asks to join and they chat about the coming trip. Bruce tells the girls about his incident with the car, and Kourtney says Kris is an idiot. Khloe thinks he doesn’t get enough respect, and Bruce notes, “I only went out and won the games and fought for my people.” He’s not a nobody by any stretch of the imagination. Khloe commiserates and compliments him with a story about how star-struck her cabbie in Dallas was about his victory. She definitely thinks Bruce deserves more credit than Kris gives him.

In London, Kim’s still busy with an intense appearance schedule. She brings Jonathan along to hit up a nightclub where she a meet-and-greet with partiers. Jonathan’s not having such a good time, so he tells her he’d like to leave. She puts on a sad puppy face and convinces him to stick around so she won’t be alone.

Meanwhile, Scott is after a royal title and has Googled his way into getting one. “I know in LA you can like buy your way into fame, you gotta be able to like buy your way into royalty while you’re here.” Sure enough, he’s found a way and goes through a ceremony to get knighted into Lordship. Rob’s sitting in the background in a t-shirt and ballcap with a beer shows his opinions on the subject. Scott walks out “Scott, Lord of the Manor.” “What’s going on right now? This is not happening,” Rob notes. Still, he submits to kissing Lord Disick’s hand. Scott celebrates by shouting from the top of Trafalgar Square that Lord Disick is in the house.
While he’s following Kim on a mall appearance, Jonathan gets a call from his business partner. He’s fed up with her behavior and is pretty much ready to head back home. “I don’t even think she’ll notice,” Jonathan quips.

Back at the Jenner house, the car arrives for their trip to Boston. Bruce is antsy about heading out, and Kris is excited about the opportunity for Khloe to finally get a taste of Bruce’s temper.

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Rob and Scott arrive to Kim’s place to share his regal news. Kim, of course, thinks Scott’s totally delusional, but he’s eating it up, referring to his minions as “the townspeople.” All Jonathan can say about the matter is that at least Scott’s using his time in London differently than most people.

Kris and Bruce arrive to pick up Khloe, and he’s automatically put off by the fact that she’s got a huge suitcase. “Khloe did the cardinal sin, she’s gotta check a bag for one night,” he tells Kris. Khloe instructs him to calm down, and Kris seems delighted that she’s finally getting a taste of testy Bruce.

Back in London, Scott’s ready to celebrate his royal status. He starts with a delicate cup of tea, but Kim instructs him that by elevating his pinky finger, he’s being totally rude by British standards. He doesn’t much care for the nitty gritty responsibilities of title-holding.

When Kris, Bruce, and Khloe arrive to Boston, Bruce tries to be super-sweet by carrying Khloe’s luggage. Unfortunately, it comes off as exceptionally rude because he’s just snatched her bag from the attendant. She’s a little stunned by his behavior already. One point for Team Kris on this one.

Scott decides to continue his regal outfitting with an actual outfit. He drags Rob to a clothing store where they try on royal apparel. Scott settles on a gentlemanly cape. If no one else likes it, he doesn’t care. He’s a Lord, after all.

While Bruce is out doing a signing, Kris decides to have a peaceful lunch with Khloe. Khloe informs her that she’s invited Bruce to their event of the evening, and Kris tells her it’s a big mistake. Sure, Khloe saw Bruce being a little rude, but she’s still got his back for the most part. If Kris wants to make her “woe is me” perspective more approachable, she’ll have to be a little nicer to him on the whole. “Okay, so I’ll try to be nicer and you’ll see what happens,” Kris warns. Khloe just thinks Kris is being dramatic.

During their nightclub a appearance with Rob, Scott brings up his new lordship. He’s no longer interested in partying with the common folk, and Rob’s embarrassed by Scott’s standoffishness. All of a sudden, Scott thinks he’s too good, Rob observes. He’s also not pleased with Scott’s decision to yank the mic up and announced that “Lord Disick is up in this b*tch.”

In Boston, as Kris and Khloe get ready for the evening, Bruce starts in on his impatient routine. They have more than an hour until the car arrives, but already he’s getting flustered. “Okay so you’re going to start an hour ahead of time to annoy us?” Kris asks. Khloe’s starting to the get the picture.

Later, Scott and Rob hang out with Kim, Kanye, and Jonathan, and Kanye shows off one of his accessory designs. Kanye his hosting a royal ball event and Scott requests a Lord Disick shoutout, which Kanye laughs off. Kim announces that she’s scored the group backstage tickets for an after party. Jonathan’s none-too-thrilled about the news, though. He leaves, angry, and she follows him to his room. She knows he’s upset with her and apologizes for her inconsideration. He accepts and tells her he just wanted to do some things of his choosing too. She wants to make it up to him.

Bruce, meanwhile, is getting mighty impatient with the girls because it’s almost time to go. Khloe tries to diffuse the situation with a cute southern accent and a hilarious joke with the hairstylist (“How many licks does it take … to get to the center of Miss Jenner?”), but to no avail. Bruce takes off and comes back to announce that despite their estimations, the car is in fact ready for them. Time to go, he insists.

When they finally get into the car, Bruce announces that he needs to take up a new hobby to occupy some time. He wants to get back into aviation, but Kris insists he’s not buying an airplane. Bruce turns the tables and says she should be happy he’s getting back into flying because he’s worth more to her dead than alive, what with all the insurance she’s got lined up on him. Khloe, obviously, is extremely uncomfortable with the conversation.


When the boys meet up with Kanye, Kim and Jonathan for food, Kanye tells Scott about how he can up his regal bling by buying an all-gold royal accessory. Kim thinks he can’t buy what he needs to be a true Lord. That would be manners and etiquette and treating people with respect, none of which are in Scott’s price range, she comments. Scott teases, “I don’t like celebrities like you and Kanye, I’m trying to f*ck with royal people.” They turn the joke back on him and point out that most members of royalty are extremely old.

Kim finally appeases Jonathan by taking him on the ferris wheel. She’s instantly happy with her decision because the two get to see London in a way she’s never seen before. Also, there’s a little picture-perfect “West” sign in their cab. Jonathan’s happy that things worked out.

As the gang gets ready to head home, Rob notices that he’s stuck with Scott while Kim and Kanye head out for Cannes and Jonathan heads back to New York. He’s definitely not looking forward to that plane ride, and for good reason: Scott is being a royal pain on the way back, taunting the “underlings” who serve him the whole time.

Also returning to L.A. are Khloe, Kris, and Bruce. Khloe apologizes to her mom for being defensive about Bruce and tells him frankly that he was way too high-strung on the trip. She concludes that they’re both just wacky. Bruce gets the picture and promises to be a little nicer to Kris.

Back at his manor, Lord Scott pulls Kourtney into the room to get him a beverage. She’s not impressed with his unearned title and decides to give him “a little reality check.” She takes a seat she’s the queen of her castle, after all and demands some coconut water. Scott finally gives in. “It’s clear that I was a Lord in London, and it’s clear that I am not royalty in my own home,” he notes. “The Lord zone is over.”

Next week, Bruce appears to get cozy with another woman, a supermodel no less! Does Kris wants the next chapter without Bruce to begin? It looks like things are getting feisty in the Kardashian abode!

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