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True Blood

Who Should Sookie Have Breakup Sex With First: Bill or Eric?

The era of Sookicide has ended, all thanks to peach schnapps and vomit, and you know what that means — Sookie will have no choice but to run back into the arms of either Bill or Eric. Sigh, girl has it rough.

Sookie broke up with both her vampire lovers last season, and it's only a matter of time before she wanders over to Bon Temps' cemetary and fangbangs one of them on a tombstone. The real question: Who should Sookie have breakup sex with first?

In other words, does Sookie want to have hot, carnal sex in every position from the Vampire Kamasutra while laying on a dead Polar Bear pelt, or does she want to do it missionary-style on a doily?

Looks like the time to pick teams is upon us, Truebies. Better dust off your "Bill's Bitch" t-shirt.

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