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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison’s Bachelorette Men Tell All Blog: Sean Lowe Impressed Everyone, Ryan Bowers Should Do Bachelor Pad

Chris Harrison doesn't even pretend to like Kalon McMahon. His Entertainment Weekly blog on The Bachelorette Season 8's "The Men Tell All" special is filled with disses to Emily Maynard's least favorite baggage handler. However, he seems amused by Ryan Bowers, who really should've signed on for Bachelor Pad Season 3 (as the new Wes Hayden). And, of course, Chris fans the flames of fan heat for Sean Lowe, who is most definitely getting the pre-Bachelor treatment. We'll see.

Here are more highlights from Chris's blog:

Everyone loves Uncle Seanie: "The first thing that became very evident was the crowd’s response to Sean. They went nuts every time I mentioned his name."

Kalon is clueless: "Either Kalon is just too proud to admit that he was wrong and was incredibly rude and disrespectful, or he really just doesn’t have a clue. I might be leaning towards the latter, unfortunately. The more he talked the more he really didn’t seem to see anything wrong with how he acted towards Emily or the other guys. The best part about Kalon is the more he talked, the deeper he dug his own grave. [...] I wasn’t expecting Emily to come after Kalon again like she did, but obviously she doesn’t like this guy or his “bulls—.” Once again, Emily verbally handed Kalon his hat and showed him the door. Everybody in the audience loved it when she went West Virginia Hoodrat on his ass again. Kalon really needs to go find a lesser opponent, because right now on the scoreboard it’s Emily: 2, Kalon: 0."

Ryan is entertaining: "Ryan is a different story. He might be a 'bad boy,' but he’s definitely not a bad guy. I find him fascinating and could’ve talked to him for hours. The things this guy says and the things he conjures up in his head just amaze and baffle me, but in an entertaining way. He is a smooth-talking, over-confident guy, but he’s in on the joke so it makes it funny and not so annoying. I will still stand by my statement, putting all at ease, in saying Ryan will not be the next Bachelor, but I’d love to see that guy in Bachelor Pad. (Next year, Ryan?)"

Credit: ABC via WENN    

Sean and Chris Bukowski share emotions: "These two proud guys that laid it all on the line for Emily could only thank her and say nice things about her. I was especially impressed with Sean. I was glad all of you got to hear how intelligent and thoughtful he is. He is very much in touch with his emotions and isn’t afraid to share that."

Why didn't they show Chris and Em's own love story? "One thing that you didn’t get to see was when Emily first sat down, the two of us had some fun joking about all the tabloid reports about us being together. Hysterical."

Outtakes get their own show! "You may have seen on Twitter that we are discussing a one-hour Best of Bachelor Bloopers special. This is true! This all came about backstage as we were discussing how much everybody loves the bloopers package we show during every MTA. Mike Fleiss, the creator of this franchise, asked me what I thought about putting together a special, and I said it’s a no-brainer."

That really does sound good. Read The Rosemaster's full blog for more.

Source: Entertainment Weekly