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Teen Mom

Does Teen Mom Promote Teenage Pregnancy?

We love Teen Mom even more than we love our collection of bedazzled Uggs, but some people think the show is nothing but drama.

MTV strives to shed light on the reality of teen motherhood, but the ladies are accused of glamorizing pregnancy time and time again. This might have something to do with the fact that they walk the red carpet, get interviewed by famous talk show hosts, and constantly have their faces plastered on the covers of tabloids. But is that really glamorous?

Despite the Teen Moms' protests, experts insist that the their celebrity is promoting teenage pregnancy.

“Putting the stars of these reality shows on a magazine cover puts them on the same plane as any actress, singer, or other celebrity,” The Parents Television Council's Director of Communications and Public Education, Melissa Henson told Fox. “It is sending the message to girls that if you get pregnant as a result of being sexually active; you could end up on TV or a magazine cover.”

The Teen Moms might live lifestyles of the rich and famous every now and then, but once they go back home to their kiddos it's all about late-night feedings, sobbing babies, vomit, and tons of responsibility. Most of these girls haven't been able to finish school thanks to their family life, and about a quarter of them have been arrested for one reason or another.

Poor Amber is currently in jail thanks (in part) to her dirty laundry being aired to the American public!

Plus, you might be interested to know that teen pregnancy is down in the U.S. — at least according to last year's statistics. The teen birth rate dropped a staggering 9 percent in 2010 from 37.9 births per 1,000 teens ages 15-19 in 2009, to 34.3 births in 2010. This sudden decrease in preggo teens has to do with increased sex education, and we assume watching Jenelle Evans’s trials and tribulations is a big part of it.

Good job educating the people, Teen Mom gang!

Source: Holly Baby / Fox

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07.17.2012 / 10:01 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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