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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Puck’s Brother Gets a Name, More Tribute Episodes in the Works

Before graduating from McKinley High at the end of Glee Season 3, Puck (Mark Salling) ruled the school with his devil-may-care attitude and his sexy bad-boy vibe. Now that the elder Puckerman is being replaced in school by his younger brother when Glee comes back for Season 4 this fall, we have to know: Does Puckerman Lite share his older bro’s signature swag?

Executive Producer Ian Brennan told E! Online at Comic-Con that there will be similarities between the two Puckerman brothers. “Jake is sort of a bad boy who appears at the school,” he says.

So basically he’s Puck all over again? We love the idea of a guitar-playing bad boy, but we hope that Jake will be more than just a carbon copy of his older brother.


In other Glee news, if you’re excited about the big Britney Spears tribute in Season 4, Episode 2, E! also reports that the show is currently “working on finalizing a deal” for another tribute artist that they say is even bigger than Britney.

In fact, this artist is so big, that properly honoring his music will take not one, but TWO full episodes. If the deal goes through, these new tributes wouldn’t happen until the back 9 episodes of Season 4 next year.

So who is the superstar artist in question? Ian offered only one clue: He’s male.

Not a female artist. Not a group. We can work with that! And Glee’s already done a Michael Jackson tribute, so there’s another name we can knock off the list. Have any guesses about who you think this mystery artist might be?

Source: E! Online

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