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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Speculation: Will Adele Die?

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 ended with most characters' fates up in the air. However, it's not just the docs in the crash that we're worried about in Season 9. The wonderful Adele Webber (Loretta Devine) is suffering from Alzheimer's, and her condition deteriorated rapidly in the second half of Season 8. Is it possible she'll die next year?

We think it is. Here are the top five reasons we're worried for Adele going into Season 9.

1. The hints that another character might die. There have been rumors that another character will die. Everyone assumes that if those rumors are true, it will be one of the docs hurt in the crash during Season 8, Episode 24, "Flight," but it would be an ironic twist of fate if they all survived only to have Adele die.

2. Shonda wants to revisit Richard and Adele. Shonda Rhimes has said she hopes to revisit Richard and Adele's story in Season 9. Of course, there are plenty of places she could go with their story other than killing Adele, but Adele's death is definitely one option.

3. It fits the pattern. Shonda has a history of wringing angst out of the death of important significant others. Could Adele be the next Denny or Henry?

4. It's a big event. Shonda & co. will want to keep the emotional stakes high next season, but after the Season 8 finale it might be too soon for yet another life-or-death situation, at least in the first half of Season 9. Adele's death might fight the bill.

5. It's something for Richard to do. During Season 8 the writers seemed at a bit of a loss about what to do with Richard. There are certainly non-Adele-related stories they could tell about the former Chief, but forcing him to deal with Adele's death does seem like one obvious path.

Miss Grey’s? Us too. Luckily the show will return to Thursdays at 9 p.m. with all-new episodes in the fall on ABC.

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