RHONY’s Heather Thomson: “There’s No Hate Between Ramona Singer and I” – Exclusive
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Real Housewives of New York

RHONY’s Heather Thomson: “There’s No Hate Between Ramona Singer and I” – Exclusive

Last night on Real Housewives of New York we saw Heather Thomson and Ramona Singer engage in a blowup fight at Aviva Drescher’s anniversary party. Things looked like they went from bad to worse for the pair, but Heather tells Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively that she and Ramona are not in a bad place.

The beautiful reality star opened up to us at the Around the World in 80 Plates finale party to discuss Ramona, the upcoming St. Barts trip, and that Yummie Tummie seller who told the girls that he was “the Queen” in London!

Wetpaint Entertainment: You’re kind of like the anti-Housewife with your “gangster chic” attitude! Do you think you went into the show differently than other women?
Heather Thomson: Luann better write that “Gangster Chic” song! [Laughs] I went into the show being myself. I treat it like it’s a dinner party that I’m going to with a friend where I don’t know anybody there. I walk in and I’m myself. I didn’t have preconceived notions, I didn’t call other Housewives to say “What do I do? How do I do this.” I went in totally organic, virgin, Housewife and I stayed true, as best I could, to my constitution. I think sometimes something I said was misconstrued or wasn’t how I meant it but I think certainly everything that I said and everything that I did — whether good or bad — I try to stay true to my constitution.

There’s obviously some tension between you and Ramona on the show. Has she reached out to you at all since the show has aired?
Ramona and I, on the show right now, you see us at odds. But even through all that on the show we could still maintain a level of communication. I don’t think it was always great communication, but there’s no hate between Ramona and I. I mean it’s not that deep. I think she’s as frustrated as I am that we can’t find our place. Coming on to the show Ramona expected to have a close relationship with me and I really tried to erase from my mind any preconceived notions [about her] and I went in raw. What happened with Ramona and I in our “misses” are organic and real. So I let them play out. I don’t try to pretend for the show. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t talk or she trips me when I walk by or something like that.

RHONY’s Heather Thomson: “There’s No Hate Between Ramona Singer and I” – Exclusive
Credit: BravoTV.com    

We know there is a big St. Barts trip coming up. Are you going on that?
Oh yes ma’am!

Can you give us a little tease?
I think it may give Scary Island a run for its money! That’s how some of the old girls talk about it. It was highs and lows, tons of laughs and tears. You get a full gamut of emotion and everything comes to a head. It starts to lay out how all the relationships are going to be. At least for the way the season ends. Not much changes from St. Barts to the end of Season 5.

A few weeks ago we saw one of your international sellers tell the girls that he is “the Queen.” What was up with that?
[Laughs] He’s actually from Belgium where they don’t air the show. But he had heard that there was a princess on the show so he just wanted to let everybody know … you know!

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