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The Vampire Diaries

Teen Wolf Recap of Season 2, Episode 8, “Raving”: To Catch a Predator

Allison and Scott meet up in classroom. She's upset because her father knows everything about the kanima, but Scott says they need to be more worried about her mom. He suggest they openly date other people and is too enthusiastic when Allison says she’s supposed to hang out with Matt. Seriously? The boy could show a little jealousy. Instead, he suggests she kiss her date. Allison demonstrates on Scott, and he tells her not to get too handsy. Still, she seems perturbed by his nonchalance. (To be fair, she didn’t witness her mom with that pencil sharpener.)

Through the window, Mrs. Argent is watching and she looks crazed. Man, she hates werewolves.

The vet’s plan to subdue Jackson is twofold: Slip the kanima some ketamine and have Stiles create a barrier with dust from the mountain ash tree. Evidently, the powder will trap the kanima inside the rave and the master outside of it. Then the vet gets all woowoo and says Stiles has to believe it and makes a golf analogy. Be the ball, Stiles.

The Argents are getting ready for the party. This means Chris is prepping the guns and Gerard is taking his pills. When Allison is around, they pretend they’re trapping Jackson. Once she’s gone, Gerard says the creature is too dangerous and they have to kill it.

Stiles and the Sheriff have a moment. It seems the Sheriff was asked to turn in his badge and gun. Okay, we didn’t buy the “They were all in the same chemistry class theory” either, but this seems extreme. Actually, though, it’s all Stiles’s fault. His bad behavior reflects poorly on the old man. The Sheriff is too defeated to yell at his son, and Stiles gets a little teary after his dad walks away.

On the way to the rave, Stiles doesn't tell Scott about his father. When they arrive, Scott takes off running for an inexplicable reason, saying it’s not here, not now. These two need to communicate better.

The rave has everything. Strobe lights. Glow sticks. Erica and Isaac. Seventy-five dollars well-spent, kids. Allison ditches Matt when she sees Scott. Suddenly, Scott is agitated, and it’s not because he’s jealous. He doesn’t mind Allison going out with Matt; he just didn’t want her at this party. Then Allison says her grandfather and father are also coming to the rave. When Scott realizes the Argents know Jackson is the kanima, he gets angry. “You're supposed to trust me,” he says. Allison insists that she does. More than anyone. Then Scott yells at her to stay out of the way. We’re so worried for these two! What happened to the days when he was leaving notes in her locker?

While Stiles pours his powder around the building, the Argents arrive to the club dressed like they’re breaking and entering. “Something wicked this way comes,” growls Gerard. Can he read “The Raven” next?

Scott instructs Isaac on how to inject ketamine into the kanima. “Intravenous means in the vein,” says Scott to Isaac. Thank goodness he works for a vet. Then Scott tells Isaac to be careful. They lock eyes. Is this why Scott wants them to be seen with other people?

Derek and Boyd confront the Argents. It’s time for a badass-off.

As the hunters’ guns blaze outside, Erica whispers in Jackson’s ear. Apparently, Jackson still wants to make out, and she dances sandwiched between him and Isaac.

The hunters tase Derek and Boyd. Not far off, Stiles runs out of magic dust extremely close to the finish line. Jackson isn’t fooled by Erica’s grinding dance moves and claws her. The ketamine syringe falls out of Isaac’s hand.

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An underground rave. We haven’t seen one of those on TV since Beverly HIlls 90201. Ah, the ‘90s. Teen Wolf took a party cue from two decades ago in Season 2, Episode 8, “Raving,” having the crew all desperate to attend the hottest $75 event of the year. Few gatherings still call for strobe lights, and those can be very effective for building suspense.

First, Jackson gets a call. A kanima call? Who knows. All it does for now is turn Jackson’s eyes all glazed and causes him to ignore photographer/Allison stalker Matt in the line for some tickets. Lurking in the shadows is Jackson’s own stalker, Scott. Not knowing Matt is scamming on Allison, Scott asks the shutterbug for $75 so he too can get into the rave of the century.

Stiles fusses over his dad, Cher Horowitz style, insisting he eat healthier. The father/son duo are at the station, and Stiles grills his dad for kanima case details. After some unsuccessful dodging, the Sheriff admits they found something. Thus far, except for Isaac’s father, all the victims were 24 years old. Yet Isaac had a brother, Cameron, who — if he hadn’t died in combat — would be 24.

Stiles and Stillinksi are looking at the crime corkboard. The Sheriff’s son realizes all the kids the kanima killed were in the same class at Beacon Hills High School. Then the crime-fighting pair realize each victim had Mr. Harris for the same chemistry class. Apparently, this links them all in some indelible way. Remind us to call our 10th grade lab partner later.

Kara Simmons is in the 2006 Beacon Hills High School yearbook. She's also the rave ticket seller. Jackson is looking all intense and not speaking as he buys his ticket. When she hands it to him, Jackson inappropriately touches Kara’s hand. This is creepy, and she exits the scene, looking at Jackson warily.

The Argents have the best bonding trips. This time, Mr. Argent takes Allison to the morgue and basically says she’s responsible for the trailer park couple’s deaths. It turns out Jessica had already given birth by the time the kanima’s master killed her. Chris Argent knows all about the shapeshifter and its controller. Then he quotes Winston Churchill or Spider-Man, depending on whom you ask, saying the price of greatness is responsibility. The couple didn't have power to defend themselves, says Chris, but the Argents know the truth. Allison realizes she’s being interrogated, and her father says they need to know who’s controlling the kanima. People are dying.

At his office, the vet asks Derek, Isaac, and Scott whether they’re planning to kill or help Jackson. At Scott’s insistence, they finally land on save. Call him Professor Snape, because the vet has herbs in jars. While none will stop a paralytic toxin, some could exploit the kanima’s weakness. The only problem, Derek points out, is that the kanima has none.

They’re trying to catch two people, says the vet: the puppet and the puppeteer. One killed the husband, the other the wife. Scott thinks Jackson couldn't murder Jessica and her unborn baby. After all, Jackson can relate to that scenario. Though not everything is shared between master and servant — for example, the kanima fears water, and Jackson is captain of the swim team — some things that affect the kanima affect the master. That means they can catch both.

While Stiles and Scott are still stressing at school over their lack of rave tickets, Matt interrupts to ask why no one was suspended for the brouhaha in the library. A logical question, Matt. This makes us wonder if he’ll be killed off soon. Once the photog leaves, Scott and Stiles realize that they must attend the rave. Not just because everyone is going, but because the master might make an appearance to ensure his kanima kills his target.

In the locker room, the coach is in a tizzy because Jackson missed lacrosse practice. Isaac solves the boys’ lack of ticket problem by beating two ticket holders into submission and forking over their passes to the two.

Credit: 2012 MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

A kanima on a mission, Jackson heads toward Kara. Though he nearly loses the ketamine, Isaac finally manages to stick Jackson with it.

Outside the rave, Scott gets mowed down by car. The driver is Mrs. Argent?! Is she the kanima controller or just overly obsessed with Allison’s purity?

Left on his own with not enough ash to complete the circle, Stiles calls Scott. He hears gunshots and werewolves, but his bestie’s phone goes to voicemail. Then Stiles remembers what the vet said. Believe. Stiles has a very Tinkerbell moment with the mountain ash tree dust where he pictures Mr. Harris’s “Imagine” bumper sticker. He closes his eyes, drops the ash, and completes the line.

Scott is having a rough time. Mrs. Argent has wolfsbane and she’s not afraid to use it. “I’m killing you,” she hisses to her daughter’s boyfriend.

Stiles joins Erica and Isaac in a makeshift holding cell. Jackson is passed out. Isaac tries to claw at Jackson, but the kanima is that ketamined out. In fact, the controller is there. Inside Jackson.

Inside her own personal medieval torture chamber, Mrs. Argent tells Scott his death will be blamed on an asthma attack. He begs her to stop, and his claws come out.

Allison runs into Mr. Harris at the dance. Thus far his only crime is being a creeper: He tells his student that his date is 21.

Stiles asks the kanima if it’s Jackson. In a voice that contains multitudes, the kamina replies that they’re all here. “We’re the ones killing murderers,” it says. They all deserved it. Stiles seems skeptical and wants to know who the victims killed. “Me. They murdered me,” says Jackson before his eyes turn yellow and he starts to transform.

Gerard looks at Stiles’s dust line but does not cross it.

After Matt realizes Allison isn’t having a good time, he kisses her. She turns away, and he apologizes. Then she leaves to make a call.

Bad news: Stiles, Erica, and Isaac are out of ketamine. Worse news? Kanima Jackson is mobile. The werewolves and human escape through the door, but Jackson just busts through the wall. Fortunately (for them), he seems to have different prey in mind.

Back in da club, Kara is confronted by the lizard-like Jackson. Her neck is sliced, which is new for the kanima. It’s much messier. Derek meets up with Stiles, who is pleased when he realizes Erica and Isaac can’t pass his dust barrier.

Mrs. Argent calls Scott an Omega. “I’m not alone,” Scott responds, and howls before collapsing. “Scott’s dying,” Derek says and tells Stiles to break the dust barrier. Stiles does. You’re a wizard, Harry.

In a moment of reflection, Scott says, “Tell Allison I’m sorry.” Mrs. Argent isn’t exactly a sympathetic audience. In fact, she knifes Derek when he comes to find his beta. There’s a strobe light-obscuring struggle before Mrs. Argent disappears and Derek drgas Scott to safety.

Gerard grabs Allison outside of the rave. “None of it worked,” says Allison, but Gerard isn’t worried. Kara might agree with Allison. She’s dead. Yet Kara’s name isn’t on the Sheriff’s (who’s there unofficially) list.

The vet heals Scott as a concerned Derek looks on.

Later, the guidance counselor sasses the vet. “Are you really going to leave this up to a couple of kids?” she asks. When the vet responds that they’re capable, she wonders if he’ll tell them what’s coming. “They’ve got enough to worry about,” he responds. We assume he means chemistry makeup tests.

Mrs. Argent stumbles out of her werewolf torture chamber. She’s been bitten. Her husband grabs her, holds her, and kisses her forehead.

Next week, everyone screams for various reasons.

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