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True Blood

True Blood’s Carolyn Hennesy on Working With Alexander Skarsgard: “He’s Even More Gorgeous in Real Life” – Exclusive!

Whenever we get the chance to interview a True Blood cast member, we can't help but ask about what it's like working with our favorite Swedish heartthrob, Alexander Skarsgard.

Actress Carolyn Hennesy, who plays 2,000-year-old Texas vamp Rosalyn, gave us the behind-the-scenes dish on her hunky co-worker, not to mention the slew of hotties she sees on a daily basis. Honestly, we're not even sure how it's fair.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What's it like working with Alexander Skarskard? Is he as gorgeous in real life as he is on TV?

Carolyn Hennesy: He's even more gorgeous, if that's even humanly possible — as is Stephen Moyer. It's kind of surreal when you're looking at those two faces. And Chris Meloni and Peter Mensah. Chris Heyerdahl has quite the wonderful face. These are all incredibly wonderful men I'm working with. It's an eye candy buffet.

But what most people don't know about Alexander is what a fun, charismatic gentleman he is. I think emphasis on the word gentleman.

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A lot of people seem to think of him as just stoic Eric Northman

Sure, but I think — I hope — that most people in this day and age realize, when all is said and done, that we are simply actors playing characters. We show up on time, we know our lines — hopefully — and that we really just are human beings underneath it all.

A lot of people might want to associate him a little too deeply with the character of Eric Northman, and they should know he's just got the biggest heart in the world. And he and Stephen both are just two wonderful people.

What has it been like working with Chris Meloni (Roman)?

Before the first episode aired and interviewers would ask that question, I would say this: He is the epitome of sexy cool, and I believe that statement has been born out. He is intense, and sexy, and uber-cool. He is just lovely to work with. He brings the A-game every single take.

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Well, since you are very much human in real life, how did you adjust to the fangs?

A little tough to talk with the fangs, but I got over that quickly. There is a tremendous feeling of power. It's like if you get your first tattoo — which I don't have, but I have had some temporary tribal tattoos — and for a couple of weeks you feel incredibly fierce. You know that it is temporary and you can always reapply, but for those few days or weeks or however long it lasts, you are transformed into an Amazon.

For the time that I have those fangs in my mouth, I am dangerous! Really dangerous. I am not to be messed with. Fangs, pearls, and high hair, and watch out!

That reminds me of the episode where Rosalyn tortured the crap out of Nora. How did you muster up that level of badassness?

It's the side you don't show to the world. You get to tap into those deep, deep wellsprings of being a badass, being tortuous, because you know it's all fun. You can be as cruel and brutal as your mind will let you go. And Lucy Griffiths — great sport — she threw a lot back in my face, but Rosalyn just pushed the button again.

Is there anyone else in the cast you'd love to work with?

I'd love to work with Anna Paquin. And I'd especially love to work with Nelsan Ellis, who I just think is dreamy, dreamy, dreamy as an actor. There could be some serious throwing down with Nelsan!

Lindsay Dreyer is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @LindsayNYC.

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