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Real Housewives of New York

Who Is Cara Quici, the Singer During Aviva Drescher’s Party?

The Real Housewives of New York Season 5, Episode 7: “Good Trip, Bad Fall” was full of memorable moments, but none more so than the world's most awkward singing performance. So who exactly is the overly sexy singer Sonja Morgan inexplicably booked for Aviva Drescher's five-year anniversary party?

Her name is Cara Quici, and according to her website she's a Texas native and current NYC and LA resident who describes herself as a "hardcore pop diva." Which once again begs that question — what was Sonja thinking? Whatever you think of Cara's singing abilities, nothing about the phrase "hardcore pop diva" makes Cara sound like the right entertainment for a classy anniversary dinner.

Also of note: Real Housewives was not Cara's first foray into the world of reality TV. According to IMDB she was also featured on the short-lived dating show Mama's Boys where she (unsuccessfully) vied for the affections of hot eligible men.

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Source:, IMDB

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