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3 Reasons Gabriel Mann Deserves an Emmy Nomination for Revenge

With tomorrow’s arrival of the 2012 Emmy Nominations comes the complete likelihood that Revenge fans could be utterly underwhelmed.

Though Madeleine Stowe, in all of her fabulous glory, will probably get some recognition, we think that Gabriel Mann deserves some props for his impressive performance as techy tycoon Nolan Ross.

If you have to ask why, then chances are we won’t be friends, but for those who aren’t as familiar with Mr. Mann’s work, here are our top three reasons.

1) His genius comedic timing

Partial credit for this has to go to the fantastic Revenge writers, but they wouldn’t give Nolan the show’s best one-liners if he weren’t a complete pro at delivering them.

And though Emily rarely shows real emotion, we’d like to think that she’s laughing inside when Nolan asks her not to do anything “revengy” until he gets there.

2) He gives the character layers

Yes, he’s funny and has a sexy Chuck-Bass-style drawl, but Nolan goes much deeper than that. We learned in Episode 19, “Absolution,” that our main man is fiercely protective of his family and loyal to the core.

We can’t wait to see his character grow even more next season as he finds a new romantic interest (especially after the steamy Nolan/Tyler hook up) and continues to help Ems kick some Hamptons ass!

3) Have you seen his wardrobe?

The boy knows how to bring it! He clearly doesn’t take his Hamptons address lightly and chooses to cover himself in plaids, pastels, and popped collars.

Even with ladies as fashion-forward as Victoria and Emily, Nolan steals the show.

Do you think Gabriel Mann deserves an Emmy nomination?

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07.18.2012 / 08:53 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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