Alexander Skarsgard’s True Blood Co-Stars Can’t Stop Gushing Over His Hotness!
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True Blood

Alexander Skarsgard’s True Blood Co-Stars Can’t Stop Gushing Over His Hotness!

Everyone loves Alexander Skarsgard. No seriously, people just can't get enough of his good looks, charm, and adorable Swedish accent.

We're Alex's biggest fan-girls (obvs), but his True Blood cast members might come in as close seconds. In fact, Stephen Moyer is one inspiration board away from tatting "I Heart Alex" on his chest.

Check out our roundup of the nice things Alex's co-stars have to say about him!

Carolyn Hennesy on Alexander's good looks: "He's even more gorgeous, if that's even humanly possible — as is Stephen Moyer. It's kind of surreal when you're looking at those two faces … But what most people don't know about Alexander is what a fun, charismatic gentleman he is. I think emphasis on the word gentleman."

Kristin Bauer on her friendship with Alex: "Speaking for myself, I have total faith and trust and love of Alex. He's a great guy. I've been sitting next to him for four years now and after all of the long nights, the tough scenes and even the easier scenes, we always laugh a lot. He's really funny. That's one thing you don't always see in Eric, but Alex is so funny.”

Stephen Moyer on Alex and Anna's Sexy Time: “What’s good about True Blood is that Alex Skarsgard is a good friend of mine. So it’s not an issue. Although I’ve joked that she [Anna] does look like she’s having a really good time with Alex, so I’ve asked him for pointers.”

Anna Paquin on Her Steamy Scenes With Alex: "We feel completely comfortable together. Steve and Alex are buddies. It's nothing like, 'Oh, hi, nice to meet you. Now take off your clothes and go into the fog.' Everyone is respectful of each other's boundaries ... They're all very gentlemanly about it."

Lucy Griffiths Chats About Alex and Her Co-Stars: "It’s definitely been fun. All of the actors have been very warm and welcoming, from very early on. I felt very comfortable in his [Alexander's] presence on set, which makes it easier to do scenes like that and to feel confident that that person is going to respond to you and receive you, and not think that you’re doing something strange."

Aww, Alex! Sigh, great, now we're even more in love with him.

Source: Huffington Post / Daily Record / People / Collider

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