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Glee Project Recap of Season 2, Episode 7: “Theatricality” — Nellie Leaves Way Too Soon!

Time to play dress up — and to sadly say goodbye to a beloved fan favorite! On this week’s The Glee Project, we learn that Aylin seriously hates Lily; Grant Gustin is adorable 24/7; and Blake can even make a crazy wig seem sexy. Plus, all we have to say about Shanna’s costume is that we hope no one had to eat that meat after she was done wearing it.

This week’s episode, “Theatricality,” begins with the news that the homework assignment will be “I Hope I Get It.” Michael has never heard the song before — which makes Michael seem even more like Finn than he usually does, dontcha think? (Then again, is Finn passionate enough about anything to gnaw off his own left foot to get it? We're not so sure.)

We also find out that Michael and Blake are besties. (All together now: “Awww!”) Plus, Charlie’s absence is making Aylin get more annoyed at Lily than normal — and that’s saying something.

The group performs the homework assignment for Grant Gustin (Sebastian), who has plenty of theatre experience himself. Grant tells Michael and Nellie that they need more confidence (what else is new?), while he lavishes praise on Ali and Lily. Ali ends up getting the prize for the first time, or as Ali puts it: “Check.” Uh-oh — don’t tell us that Lily’s arrogance is rubbing off on Ali!

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The group number will be “When I Grow Up,” which will feature the contestants as grocery clerks who fantasize about being pop stars. And we must say that this week’s video is quite possibly the most enjoyable music video we’ve ever seen on The Glee Project! It was brilliant to find a way for each contestant to dress up as a different star. Time to strike a pose.

So which celebrity impression was your favorite? We thought they were all great, especially Aylin’s bold, can-opening rendition of Madonna, along with Michael’s confidence-boosting take on The King. But our favorite impression? Blake’s version of Boy George. Everything Blake did — including playing with his ridiculous hair — was flat-out hilarious! (Or maybe we’re just too smitten with him to find fault? Perhaps!)

The judges, however, were not so smitten with Lily’s performance as Cyndi Lauper, as they thought that Lily was just being Lily. (In other words, Lily just wants to have fun.) Nellie is stressed about channeling Britney Spears, and it shows in the video. No, Nellie did not feel “so lucky” to play Britney, but you can’t always pick your roles when you’re a “Hollywood star.” (Okay, so we’re big fans of Britney’s song “Lucky” — don’t judge!)

Michael struggles bigtime in the studio but excels in the video. And Abraham panics when Nikki asks him in the recording session if he’s “androgynous.” We understand that Nikki didn’t realize that Abraham would react so strongly to that word, but it might have been nice if Nikki could have been a tad more sensitive in pushing him to answer the question, given that he’s been bullied about it.

Time for the moment of truth with the judges, with Robert Ulrich declaring this the toughest week yet to choose the bottom three. Ali is awarded the MVP slot of the week — for the second week in a row, mind you! And also for the second week in a row, Michael is in the bottom four but narrowly avoids having to do a last-chance performance, which Lily does not agree with. Instead, the bottom three are Nellie, Abraham, and the very vocal Lily.

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Nellie is up first with a powerful version of “I’m The Only One.” The judges love it, with Ryan calling it her most “passionate” performance yet. The judges still worry about her indecisiveness, but she assures them that she really does in fact want to be on Glee. We should hope so, since we want her on there!

Abraham does “Stereo Hearts,” and he explains that he now will embrace who he is. Ryan concurs, saying that his “androgyny” is what could help him become a star. Heck, it's worked for plenty of other rock stars.

And lastly is Lily’s version of “Someone Like You,” a song that she was elated to be assigned. She definitely does it justice, but then she gets defensive about her video performance, claiming that Zach told her to just be herself instead of playing a character. So much for owning your mistakes.

Lily tearfully makes a plea to the judges, saying that she can “act out of a box” — although the expression is “act your way out of a paper bag,” not a “box.” Good thing this isn’t The Idiom Project.

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It’s judgment time, and somewhat shockingly, Nellie is the one sent home. Sure, Nellie had seemingly lacked the confidence and enthusiasm needed for Glee, but her unique voice really could have stood out on the show. We just hope that Nellie records a few songs and puts them out on iTunes — and soon! We need more Nellie in our lives.

So who would we put in our top three? Our top three last week were: 1.) Blake, 2.) Lily, and 3.) a tie between Aylin and Shanna. But this week we have to put Ali in there — she’s waaay talented and just plain fun! So Ali is number two, meaning that Blake retains the number one slot because, uh, he’s Blake. At number three, we’ll go with Shanna again, in large part because she has yet to give a last-chance performance — which is also why Samuel did so well last year.

As for Lily and Aylin, both are obviously talented, but we’d have to see a shift in their attitudes before we would put them back in our top three. And we also have a tough time getting a sense of Michael, since he is clearly talented but has trouble believing in himself and putting himself out there. (In other words, he’s the exact opposite of the Kardashian sisters.)

So this was a tough episode, with Nellie’s departure. We just hope that Michael and Blake will stick around for a bit longer, since they’re kind of adorable as besties. In the meantime, we could use a snack — anything but raw meat.

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