Jane By Design Recap Season 1 Episode 16: “The Backup Dress”
Credit: Danny Feld/ABC Family    
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Jane By Design Recap Season 1 Episode 16: “The Backup Dress”

Any episode of Jane By Design that starts with Gray telling Jane not to screw something up is sure to end in disaster, so we were excited when Jane was forced to “make it work” with Nina Garcia’s one-of-a-kind dress this week.

This predictable plotline just happened to coincide with Jane’s first date with cutie designer Eli. It’s the date we’ve barely been waiting for, and never mind that she has yet to graduate high school and he is at least in his mid-20s!

And it seems love is in the air as the school play starts heating up. When Billy’s Twilight-wannabe girlfriend starts making the moves on utterly normal Nick Fadden, the hair gelled hottie is pretty bummed.

He catches Cindy and Prince Charming in the middle of running lines, but pulls the jealous boyfriend card at an inopportune time. In a surprisingly decent move, Nick steps down from the play to preserve the friendship we didn’t know those two bros had.

Jane By Design Recap Season 1 Episode 16: “The Backup Dress”
Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Family    

Meanwhile, Jane’s mom Kate is engaging in some risky business with her main man Dakota, who seems completely unphased by the elder Quimby’s refusal to give him a straight answer (could it perhaps be her inability to wear pants?).

But in a sudden twist, Dakota, who we know nothing about other than the fact that he lives in Colorado (go figure), demands a solid yes or no to his marriage proposal by the end of the day. So Kate has an ultimatum, and in a superb moment of parenting, she fails to inform her children.

Cue Ben who threw one pitch two episodes ago that was impressive enough to get him a shot at pulling a Dennis Quaid and being a second-chance rookie. He had to give up his lofty dreams of local baseball to care for Jane (though we’re still not sure who pays for their exceedingly large New York home), and now he’s itching to mount that mound once more.

But Jane doesn’t have time to worry about the lack of immaturity in both her guardians. She has a first date to screw up!

In a classic JBD mix-up, Jane’s “perfect” tutu dress (that she’s worn different versions of to every fancy event on the show) is mistaken for Cinderella’s costume.

And simply correcting the mistake would be far too easy, so Jane decides to complicate her life a bit more by wearing Nina Garcia’s back up dress (what could go wrong?!).

Jane By Design Recap Season 1 Episode 16: “The Backup Dress”
Credit: Danny Feld/ABC Family    

Eli can’t keep his eyes off Jane, but she wants to do everything possible to divert attention when Nina walks right into the restaurant clad in the not-so-one-of-a-kind dress.

Jane’s studly designer date offers her his coat to cover up the mess, and just when we think our girl may have found a new partner in crime, she backs into a waiter who naturally spills red wine all over Nina’s dress.

Since Jane is super talented and resourceful, she’s able to effortlessly fashion a look from a tablecloth that even gets Nina to give it her seal of approval. Things went pretty well for the rest of the new couple’s date, if you count trading gourmet cuisine for hot dogs, and Jane managed to avert yet another crisis.

But the situation at home is far from a fairytale. Jane’s mom bails for Dakota (the person not the place), and as if on cue, Ben walks in with the announcement that he’s on a baseball bus for Ohio that night.

Ever the faithful sister and masochist, Jane doesn’t say a word to keep Ben from his dreams and is left home alone to fend for herself.

Should we be worried? Probably not since the episode ends with our favorite fashionista doing a Cameron-Diaz-style dance around the living room.

Party! (We’ll save that for next week).