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The Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky: “I Am So Much Happier” After Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky sounds happy — and she looks it too. The former Bachelorette and current star of 1st Look sat down with Talk Stoop in Brooklyn to talk about her journey from The Bachelor 14 to The Bachelorette 6 to traveling the world for NBC.

Ali said she never expected her Bachelor experience to lead to an on-camera career. "No, I really didn't. I loved Facebook, I loved Silicon Valley and I didn't really think I'd be good enough to do a TV show, at the time,” Ali said. “So I went on to find someone, and I didn't."

But she did find someone, the reporter notes in the video: Her Bachelorette ex-fiance Roberto Martinez!

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"I did," Ali says. "Yes, yes, I did. I shouldn't say that. People often say 'You're a failed relationship' and I'm like 'Well, yeah, in the long run we didn't get married but we still were engaged for a year and a half. That's the longest relationship other than the two marriages.’"

(In case you’re a newbie, the two marriages she means are Trista and Ryan Sutter and Jason and Molly Mesnick. Hopefully Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum will make three sometime soon.)

Ali knows people are going to ask about Roberto in interviews, but it frustrates her that some people just read a story and think she’s the one bringing up her ex all the time. "I think the hardest thing is that a lot of times people who follow me don't understand — or who read things in the media — that I'm not going around talking about Roberto. I'm being asked a question and I'm answering it in a way that's respectful."

She said it's hard to hear the criticism, but she has thick skin. Besides, she adds, "I am so much happier now that I can't say that I would have done anything differently."

Watch the video for more, including Ali sharing details about her "endure" tattoo, which she got at the end of 2011, in honor of her grandma.

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