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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Emily Maynard: Jef Holm and I Talked About Religion — Including His Mormon Background

Church sermons and french kissing don't mix too well, so it's not too surprising that The Bachelorette usually sticks to the sexy stuff and keeps more serious conversations off air.

Still, it would be nice to see at least one talk about religion — or even politics — play out on screen, just so we know the couples don't always just sit at dinner, pushing food around their plates as they talk about past relationships.

The topic of faith has been pretty big off camera on Emily Maynard's season. Jef Holm told reporters he was raised Mormon but is not practicing at this point. Sean Lowe has spoken extensively about his faith off the show and some of Ryan Bowers's comments on faith were actually aired, but not always in his intended context.

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The L.A. Times talked to Emily in a video interview after "The Men Tell All" taping and the Bachelorette said she and Jef did talk about his Mormon background.

"A lot of conversations that we have — that I've had with a lot of the guys — aren't shown,” Emily says. “I wish they would [air them], but there's not enough time. I talked about faith. That's a huge part of my life. There's no way I could fall in love and potentially get engaged without having that conversation. [Jef] was very open and honest about everything."

Emily said she wasn't worried about not meeting Jef’s parents — who were still serving, as of earlier this month, at a Mormon mission in South Carolina — adding that Brad Womack didn't meet her parents either on The Bachelor. Brad just met Ricki on Em’s hometown date.

Watch the L.A. Times's full video to hear Emily agree with her critics that sometimes she is boring and not so sweet.

Source: L.A. Times