Beverly Hills Nannies Recap of Season 1, Episode 2: Wedding Day Blunder
Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Nannies Recap of Season 1, Episode 2: Wedding Day Blunder

Meanwhile, Amber approaches Ari with a tough proposal. She’s got the chance to interview Nicki Minaj at a local mall signing, and she needs Ari’s approval for the time off. She’s got someone else lined up — Kristin, no less — plus she’s promising to get her something signed, but it is at the same time as Ari’s wedding to Barry. Ari does not look pleased by the request. “It’s Amber’s first day on the job, and I’m really surprised that she asked Kristin to come in and sub for her on my wedding day of all days,” she tells us, but she agrees in person to Amber and just requests that Kristin stop by beforehand to make sure she and Emma still get along after the time apart.

Lucy meets with little Wylder, whose mommy needs some help now that she’s having to move businesses. Trisha Fisher owns the Treehouse Club, a pre-preschool location which she has to move. Her family’s pretty famous (Dad is Eddie Fisher, mother is Connie Stevens, and sisters are Jolene and Carrie Fisher), and her building was bought out. Lucy tries to offer up some real estate connections. “Lucy likes to chat. She’s a chatter,” Trisha observes, un-amused. In fact, she feels that she might be crossing some boundaries. When she tells her what her weekly rate equates to, she almost falls out of her chair. “Are you gonna teach him a foreign language too? Cause that’s a lot of money,” Trisha says. “That is way, way too high. From my experience, the going rate is probably less than half of that.” Lucy says that’s what “babysitters make in Ohio.”

Justin likes Marika, but he wants to keep his options open. He meets up with a woman who’s going through a separation. When she answers the door, she slams it right in his face. “I was like, this lady either has balls or she has a good sense of humor,” Justin notes. It’s the latter.

The Faulks make him feel right at home. They have a personal chef — “Call him King Chef Homeboy,” one of the girls teases about Chef Lovejoy. Like him, one of the girls Lindsay has at home has lost a parent, and she co-parents with the girl’s father. Justin thinks she’s got serious style and that he loves the chaos and the energy. When they start talking brass tacks, she’s not at all surprised by his rate of $35 per hour (it’s the rate he heard about from Kristin last week), with a $225 day overnight rate for trips and whatnot. She just wants a flexible schedule. Justin’s so into the new family that he’s willing to let Marika go if need be. She’s still gotta talk to the girls, but as he leaves, the littlest one Brooklyn doesn’t want to let him go.

Back at Ari’s place, Amber takes Emma to read outside when Kristin arrives for her reunion meeting. “It’s great to have a little nanny network because when one nanny needs some time off there’s another nanny to fill in,” Kristin notes.

Emma’s speech therapist comes in while both nannies are present, and Ari introduces them as her two nannies. Her methods seem a little unorthodox to the family, but soon enough Emma’s doing exactly what the therapist asked of her. When Ari compliments her ability to get her to listen, the therapist snaps: “She doesn’t have a choice. It’s either attentive or go sit in the corner.” Speech lady promises to help Ari learn to make Emma the baby and not the whole house. Amber finds Ari’s responses “hilari” after they discuss having the therapist come in for a booty call type of arrangement once in awhile and have Amber learn how to do the job.

When naptime comes up, Kristin comes into the room to help, but refuses to help. Kristin’s not the nanny anymore, after all, but Amber thinks it’s weird for her to not want to help and just stare at the group. During naptime, Ari gets grossed out by the dog poop. Ari hates it. “Dog poop, bird poop, baby poop, any poop, I don’t like it,” she says. “The benefit of having a nanny is that you just don’t have to deal with that.”

Beverly Hills Nannies Recap of Season 1, Episode 2: Wedding Day Blunder
Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Tonight on Beverly Hills Nannies, the mommies look excessively feisty, and one nanny acts surprisingly unprofessional. Let’s start from the top!

The episode begins at Ari’s house. It’s Amber’s first day on the job, and Emma’s ready to play. Ari needs a moment, though. She’s got some new birds — she rescued them from certain death at the pet shop when she went to get the parrot food — and she needs Amber to clean up the poop. It’s not her preferential day at work, but she’s here to work. “Ari’s getting married in one week, maybe it’s not the best time to worry about the birds,” she says. Amber tries to bring up another subject: the cake. Ari decides that rather than worrying about it, she should get three different size round cakes and put them on top of each other. “It’s funny to me that some rich people have a hard time spending their money,” Amber notes. “We don’t have a sign on our heads that say sucker,” she says to encourage Ari.

Amber gets to work on the bird cage. Nataljia, Ari’s assistant, tells her that she approves of the new nanny. Ari worries that Amber’s not “upscale” enough. Barry yells down to Amber while she’s cleaning the cage, and then he walks inside to tell Ari how Amber interrupted his phone call while he was trying to get his work done. Amber didn’t interrupt him, but she doesn’t tell Ari that. “You have to respect the breadwinner,” Ari tells her. “Is this rich people playing games?” Amber asks later.

Over at the Margolis house, Cindy’s allowing Kristin to bring her friend Maggie along for the day to shadow her. It’s totally a favor since Maggie has no experience and knows nothing about the gig. I think nannying would be a good fit for me because I don’t like a lot of structure but it might not be a good fit for me because I don’t like children,” Maggie says. Kristin takes her to pick up the kids from school and then to help them with her homework. Maggie’s not so comfortable with homework, but she loves the locale. Kristin explains there’s a lot to the job. “Their meals aren’t like peanut butter and jelly, their meals are like shrimp scampi,” Kristin explains to her. “Not only are you the nanny but sometimes you’re also the teacher, the chef, the personal assistant.” Maggie doesn’t seem cut out for the work at all, and even the kids can tell.

Over at Marika’s house, Justin wants her to help organize her breast milk (by date and by ounces, ick!). Justin’s not too comfortable with it, especially since there are so many. “Are you stocking up for the apocalypse?” he teases her. “These are workhorses here. Why do you think he’s so big, beautiful, and strong?” she retorts. He goes with her to the basement freezer, where she’s nearly filled an entire unit full of the stuff. “You have two extra boobs, I know it,” he teases her, completely grossed out by the supply.

World War III erupts between the two when they take the baby for a walk. Justin refuses to use the choke collar on her dog Reagan because he’s “an active member of PETA,” and Marika opines, “If I can’t trust you with my dog, I can’t trust you with my baby.” “Oh God, someone put a sock in her,” he says to himself.

Lucy needs a new job because she was on a trial run with last family and didn’t get the job. She’s got a new interview which Kristin said up, and she wants some advice. Kristin advises to have an overnight bag on the job and to look very stylish as well. “The mom needs to see you at your best because we all know being a Beverly Hills nanny you have this image to uphold for the family as well,” she explains. “We are the nanny… but they expect us to be in like Prada, Gucci,” Lucy agrees. The girls consort on what Lucy should wear for the interview. Amanda’s taken a little aback by the discussion. She doesn’t want to lose herself to this gig.

Beverly Hills Nannies Recap of Season 1, Episode 2: Wedding Day Blunder
Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Meanwhile, Kristin’s seeing some changes in the way the other nannies — except Amber — are treating her these days. Now that she’s basically helping to pass out jobs, everyone wants to be her friend. They meet up at a game night party at Shaun’s house, and Kristin’s knocking back quite a few. Shayla’s got an agenda for the evening, and decides to alert Amber as to what Kristin said about her. Shayla makes it seem as though she already knows. Lucy’s got her back and tries to explain. Maggie thinks Kristin’s got a smack-talking side to her, particularly about peoples’ looks.

Kristin pulls Shayla aside to chat about it. Kristin’s not impressed that she’s taking off of work during her first week. Kristin also thinks that Amber’s trying to be the watchdog and that she’s unimpressive for not being able to put Emma down for a nap. Shaun comes over to ask whether they’ve had too much to drink. Kristin leaves the convo convinced that her saying Ari’s not intimidated by Amber is not offensive. Maggie disagrees.

Back at the party, Shayla starts the commiseration conversation off with a story about a boy who refused to poop… until it came out anyway. Amanda adds her story about finding out the hard way she nannied for a couple who were in an open relationship.

When Amber arrives to the party, Shayla alerts her to what Kristin said about her. Amber takes the news pretty lightly. “I thought, ‘Whatever, brush your shoulders off.’ You gotta consider the source.” She walks in and is pleasant to everyone. She shows gratitude for Kristin covering for her and even sits by her. She can tell Kristin’s got a little bit of an attitude with her, but she doesn’t care so long as she gets her way in the long run. She pulls her aside to try and fill her in on what’s up with the next day — what she’ll wear, what the plan is, etc. — but Kristin’s more focused on where the booze is located. Amber’s not amused.

The next day, predictably, Kristin bails… Only, she doesn’t bother to tell Ari herself. She leaves a pitifully acted voicemail on Amber’s phone claiming to have food poisoning. “Kristin should take an acting class if she’s going to pull the stunts like this,” Amber says. As she’s getting ready for the day at the beauty salon, she can’t get a hold of Kristin and decides to phone Ari. Ari had no idea Kristin bailed. “I don’t know what to say I’m speechless. This is my wedding day,” she says. Oh boy.

Amber tries Kristin’s cell again. Kristin’s unapologetic and sticks by her claim that she’s sick. Amber calls her out for being hung over. Some professional. “It’s completely unprofessional, it’s irresponsible, it’s tacky,” Amber says of Kristin’s behavior. She gets on the phone with Barry, who says, “I don’t know what to say. I would honestly say that do what you think is right, but we won’t hold it against you in any way shape or form. It’s the opposite as far as I’m concerned. You can definitely go and do your gig if it means that much to you.” Now Amber’s really confused about what to do.

To be continued on next week’s Beverly Hills Nannies

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