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The Bachelorette

More Details From The Bachelorette Men Tell All Filming: Charlie vs. Emily, Chris Never Gave the Finger

Why do we miss so much good stuff?

Surely at least one “Men Tell All” diss against Kalon McMahon could’ve been cut so Chris Bukowski could explain that he didn’t actually give Emily Maynard the bird when exiting The Bachelorette Season 8? Chris Harrison already blogged about how he and Emily joked on the show about their so-called romance, but that was also cut from the MTA.

The Hollywood Reporter shared several more interesting things we didn’t get to see. Here are three of our faves.

1. Chris B. was angry, but not *that* angry
Chris reportedly took a moment at the end of his time on the hot seat to clear up a misconception about his exit from the show. “It looks like I gave [Emily] the finger. 100 percent, I did not do that.” Chris H. confirmed the non-diss: “It did not happen, nor would ABC put that on the air.” No they’d just black bar it, like Ben and Courtney’s bare bums.

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2. Charlie and Emily may no longer be Facebook buddies
In the conference call after he was eliminated, Charlie Grogan admitted that he and Emily knew each other before the show, but she acted a lot differently than she did before. It sounds like there was more on that theme at the MTA. To quote the Hollywood Reporter: “Also cut from the show was Charlie’s questions for Emily. When he asked her why she sent him home, Emily said that Charlie was always making fun of her during the very serious rose ceremonies. He would pretend she had something on her face, which she said broke her concentration. It also turns out that Emily and Charlie knew each other before the show. ‘We were Facebook friends. Why didn’t you ask me out already?’ Emily said to him. ‘You’re definitely not the same person,’ Charlie said, clearly trying to insult her.” Rrrrrarrrr!

3. Oh and you’re fake, too
Charlie had more for Emily. According to THR, when Chris B. was in the hot seat, a couple of the bachelors said they felt Emily was telling all the guys the same thing. Charlie was reportedly the first to point this out. If you remember, that’s the kind of thing that Emily got upset about watching The Bachelor play back, when she thought Brad Womack was telling all the girls the same sweet things. Stevie agreed that Emily said the same things to everyone. Charlie also added that he felt Sean Lowe should have won. That must’ve made the audience cheer! He said the same thing during his conference call early in the season, so he probably really meant it, as opposed to just doling out audience-bait.

Read the full story for more, including Emily admitting she was not familiar with Brazil's status as a Portuguese-speaking nation.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter