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Taylor Swift’s Cat Tops Ryan Gosling, TomKat Divorce on Best of Pop Culture List

Kitties and babies are always a hit, but this seems like a (cat) stretch.

E! created a photo gallery of The 100 Best Things in Pop Culture and topping them all was very rich singer Taylor Swift's little cat.

As E! immortalized their #1 choice: "With the giant, marble-like eyes of Pikachu and the tiny, triangular ears of newborn grizzly cub, it's clear that this kitty was forged in the original Furnace of Cuteness, infused with the power to wipe out all celebrity pets in its path. Even its unlikely name, Meredith, can't temper the 'awwwww' factor in Tay's key-oot YouTube tributes."

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Here's E!'s top 50. Check out the full gallery for the full list and details.

1. Taylor Swift's Cat
2. The TomKat Saga
3. Blue Ivy
4. Ryan Gosling 4-Ever
5. Girls With Arrows (Katniss of Hunger Games, Brave)
6. Kate Middleton, Clothing Recycler
7. Britney Spears on The X Factor
8. Draw Something Galleries
9. Abraham Lincoln, Screen Idol
10. Brad & Angelina's Wedding Plans
11. American Idol Turns 10
12. "Call Me Maybe" Covers on YouTube
13. Hillary Clinton in Sunglasses
14. Justin Bieber, Paparazzi Thug
15. Anna Wintour
16. LL Cool J on NCIS
17. Florida, Hotbed of Insanity
18. Adventure Time
19. Lena Dunham
20. Johnny Depp, Pale-Faced Freak
21. Alabama Shakes
22. Netflix Streaming
23. Lana Del Rey on Hiatus
24. Google Doodles
25. Chris Rene's New Teeth
26. 2 Chainz, Overworked Rapper
27. Debra Messing's Wardrobe on Smash
28. Fifty Shades of Grey
29. Bill Hader
30. Instagram
31. Chris Hemsworth's Hair
32. Jessica Chastain
33. Ellen Page, Gamer Goddess
34. Workaholics
35. Fake Celeb Twitter Feeds
36. Abby Lee Miller's Voice on Dance Moms
37. Food Trucks
38. Francis Bean
39. Jimmy Fallon
40. Gotye
41. Sasha & Malia
42. Julia Louis-Dreyfus All Over Again
43. Jack White's Insomnia
44. Anything Rihanna
45. Jeremy Renner, Action Hero
46. Kimye
47. Anne Hathaway's Amazing, Crying Face in the Les Mis Trailer
48. Questlove, King of Twitter
49. Chuck Norris
50. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Who or what would top your pop culture list?

Source: E!

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07.19.2012 / 05:37 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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