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Darren Criss Returns to StarKid for A Very Potter Musical 3D

If you’re a fan of Darren Criss (Blaine) from back in his pre-Glee days with YouTube sensations Team Starkid, then this is probably the best news you’ve ever heard. Ever.

StarKid is doing that long-awaited Very Potter threequel. It’s happening soon! And Darren is back for it.

Fans have been clamoring for a third installment in StarKid’s hit Harry Potter parody musicals ever since well, practically ever since A Very Potter Sequel finished up its initial run back in May 2010.

The problem is, Darren’s job on Glee is more than a full-time gig, so the 25-year-old star doesn’t exactly have the free time to leave and go star in a full-length musical for a couple weeks. (Well, not for a StarKid musical, at least.)

But as much as everyone wanted to do a third Potter spoof, the thought of doing it without Darren and the other original castmates just felt wrong. (And absurd. It’s absurd!)

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So how will this all work out. Darren is rejoining StarKid for the third show — which bears the very auspicious (and fittingly High School Musical-reminiscent) title A Very Potter 3D: A Very Potter Senior Year — but the show will be performed as a one-day-only reading at the Potter-themed LeakyCon in Chicago on August 11.

However, Darren won’t be the only familiar face returning for the event. AVP3D:AVPSY features the return of almost every single StarKid member, including Julia Albain, Chris Allen, Clark Baxtresser, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Tyler Brunsman, Richard Campbell, Britney Coleman, Brant Cox, Denise Donovan, Corey Dorris, Elona Finlay, Arielle Goldman, Brian Holden, A.J. Holmes, Matt Lang, Nick Lang, Lauren Lopez, Corey Lubowich, Devin Lytle, Lily Marks, Alle-Faye Monka, Joe Moses, Jim Povolo, Joey Richter, Brian Rosenthal, Dylan Saunders, Meredith Stepien, Sango Tajima, and Joe Walker.

Writer and actor Brian Holden tells Leaky that the story will address what happens as, “Harry enters his senior year at Hogwarts, and struggles to find his purpose in a world that may not need him anymore.”

Of course, one question fans are asking already is: “But Brian, will A Very Potter 3D: A Very Potter Senior Year going to be up on YoooouTuuuube?” Well, Leaky will be recording the event, and the intent is to have a video high quality enough to post online, though nothing specific has been mentioned yet.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go into the other room and start CUH-rying tears of infinite joy. Because we haven’t heard news this totally awesome in quite a while.

Source: LeakyCon

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07.20.2012 / 09:35 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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