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Jersey Shore

Did JWOWW’s Boyfriend Roger Really Have Chlamydia Four Times? (VIDEO)

Just in case you missed it, JWOWW’s long-term boyfriend, Roger Mathews, made a chilling announcement on the most recent Snooki & JWOWW (Season 1, Episode 5: “Sober Party of One”). It turns out that Roger has had the STD chlamydia (drumroll, please...) four times!

It’s hard to tell if Roger was being 100% serious when he made this confession, but he didn’t follow it up with any “Just kidding”s or any other cover-ups. Plus, when JWOWW said afterwards that she had to pee, Roger told her to be careful because “it might burn a little.” Gross!

Adding to the gross-out effect was the fact that JWOWW’s dad was sitting right next to Roger at the time. But, as usual, the cool-as-a-cucumber Mr. Farley didn’t seem to mind. Plus, in the video below, JWOWW calls her man “a gorilla” in bed, and says that having sex with him is like “45 minutes of breaking a pelvic bone."

Check out the video below!