JWOWW on Newly Sober Situation: He’s a Changed Person — Exclusive!
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Jersey Shore

JWOWW on Newly Sober Situation: He’s a Changed Person — Exclusive!

The Jersey Shore cast recently finished filming Season 6, and we're eager to know what the season will be like. Fortunately, Wetpaint Entertainment recently had a chance to chat with JWOWW at the Inked magazine August issue release party at Kiss & Fly in New York City on July 17, and she gave us a peek into what the season has in store.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How did the filming for Season 6 go?
JWOWW: Amazing. Amazing. It was perfect.

With Snooki pregnant, the Situation sober, and most of the cast in relationships, does the season have a different feel?
Actually no. I feel like we're just so close at this point, that whatever's going on in each others' lives we just deal with, embrace it, and move on from it, and kind of go with the flow.

Obviously, in the past few seasons Sitch has been —

Yeah, sort of crazy. Does that change this year now that he's sober?
Yeah. I think Mike is making an effort on all levels of his life to show that he's a changed person. I'm very proud of him and I can say the rest of my cast mates are. He had a good time, and that's all that matters.

How did Deena deal with her arrest?
Oh, she was fine! She didn't hurt herself, she didn't hurt anyone else. It is what it is. I laughed at her. I was like, "you're an official meatball now." And she bounced right back from it.

She did get some funny photos out of it.
Oh, I know! I totally looked at them a couple weeks afterward and I was like, "Go, D!" I'm so proud of her. [Laughs]

And finally, how did you hurt your ankle?
It was a fight at Bamboo, and everyone's going to see how that plays out. But because I was so drunk, I actually don't remember much about it, so I have to wait and see, too.

For the record, JWOWW's ankle appears to have healed right up — she was rocking some sky-high heels when we talked to her.

Catch the next episode of Snooki & JWOWW on Thursday, July 19 on MTV.

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