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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers: Will Bonnie Go Dark and Why Is Klaus So Upset?

The Season 3 finale of Vampire Diaries had Bonnie (Kat Graham) secretly in cahoots with Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Those two will still be working together when Season 4 starts, because the Original Vampire will continue to play in Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) body for a bit and Bonnie’s the only one who knows the truth. Starry Constellation magazine spoke with Julie Plec about what the characters will get up to in October, and whether Klaus will be back in his own body soon.

According to Julie, J. Morg will embody Klaus pretty quickly. “He'll probably need to do a couple shots of blood to heal himself back up. There is a line, ‘Fate and oxygen intervened and here I am,’” she says. At least Caroline (Candice Accola) will be relieved he can’t sneak any more kisses, right?

But the hybrid has bigger problems than unattainable blondes. Julie explains, “He's a guy whose entire agenda was born out of wanting to produce hybrids and really that was just a mask for needing a family. His mom kind of threw down the gauntlet late in the season by saying, ‘I'm not going to rest until I've protected myself from the likes of you.’ He's back on the hybrid trail and his only power source has just turned off.” That power source is Elena (Nina Dobrev), of course. Now that she’s a vampire, her doppelganger blood is useless to Klaus.

It seems likely that Klaus will hunt down any solution, and if there’s a problem, yo, Bonnie can grimoire it. And Bonnie isn’t done with the dark stuff. “Bonnie tapped into something really dark at the end of last season and at the beginning of this season she's going to have to go back there and tap into it again,” says Julie. “Her journey for this season will be predicated on the outcome of that attempt, what happens and what it does to her.”

While Bonnie probably isn’t jumping at the chance to collaborate with Klaus again, she does have an interest in protecting him, because he’s head of a pretty important bloodline. But maybe she’s looking for a cure to vampirism, instead...

Source: Starry Constellation magazine

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