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What Happened to Amber Portwood’s Sister?

Amber Portwood has a lot of personal problems, and most of them stem from tragic events in her past. Amber’s baby sister, Candace, died from SIDS (an affliction where babies stop breathing in their sleep) when Amber was just a kid, and as you might expect it completely traumatized her.

The cause of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is unknown, and though the rate has fallen by over 50 percent since 1983, there are still about 2,500 deaths per year.

"She died from SIDs," Amber told Dr. Drew during the Teen Mom Season 3 Reunion Special. "[I was] four or five. I remember it like I just watched a movie yesterday. I remember a stretcher coming in, I remember my mom screaming, I remember her on the edge of the bed, I remember my dad."

Poor Amber has a hard time talking about her sister's death, but her mom gave Dr. Drew a few details.

"My husband was home with the kids, she was probably about two weeks, maybe. Two and a half weeks old," Tanya explained to Dr. Drew. "I had came home from work, and we didn't have a phone at the house because of course we couldn't afford a phone. I was going to check on her, and picked her up and just realized that she wasn't breathing. She hemorrhaged from the nose. Immediately, I just checked out."

Wow, no wonder Amber has so many issues! This event would dramatically change anyone's life, but Amber says she was ignored after the tragic death, which led to outbursts of anger and feelings of neglect.

"My mom worked a lot, I was ignored," she explained. "You realize, and by therapy, actually, I've had a lot of help knowing how to cope with that, and also knowing how to stop the cycle from happening again."

Hopefully Amber will be able to tackle her memories face-on during her stint in jail. We wish her all the best!

Source: MTV

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07.20.2012 / 06:56 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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