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True Blood

Will Bill and Eric Have Sex on True Blood? Stephen Moyer Weighs In!

Things have been heating up in the True Blood bromance department between Sookie's former vamp lovers, but will Bill and Eric's little flirtation culminate in a full-on fang-bang?

"I’ve been asking myself that question for a long time," actor Stephen Moyer recently told The Advocate. "Alex [Skarsgard] and I would absolutely embrace that."

In fact, Stephen is so keen on the prospect of some guy-on-guy action that he even brought up the idea to producers!

"When Sookie had her fantasy about the two of them with her, we suggested it," he continued.

True Blood has never shied away from homoeroticism — back in Season 3, Bill shared an intimate moment with Sam in a dream scene, Tara explored her lesbian tendencies in Season 4, and Lafayette … well … he's always been Lafayette.

Some critics have accused the show of being "too gay," a notion that Stephen rejects completely.

"Is there such a thing as too gay?" he asks. "We live in a very different world than we grew up in, so if people can’t embrace that aspect of our show, then that’s a shame."

Amen, Stephen, amen!

Source: The Advocate

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